Goodbye Summer - Tie-Dye Dress

Welcome Fall, I hope my obnoxious summer dress does not offend you, but it will probably be the last time I wear it for the year!

I absolutely cannot wait to transition into my fall outfits, but it might have to wait a bit, as Los Angeles is still on FIYAH. I am saying goodbye to summer with a huge BANG! This tie-dye dress is definitely the epitome of summer and the perfect piece to part ways with the season. It's a very lightweight dress with a muted color tie-dye print that I decided to pair with my earth-tone accessories. I tossed in beautiful browns and golds to create an overall casual, boho vibe. With that being said, it's almost time for some deeper fall hues, and I'm excited! Bring on the new season. 


 {Sunnies} zeroUV | {Dress} Ontario Mills Outlet, similar here | {Sandals} NordstromRack.com | {Bracelet} Flea Market | {Necklaces} Handmade by thecomelycloset | {Ring} Sole Society


On Trend: Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Off-The-Shoulder tops are killing it this 2016. I'm sure you have been seeing them in all your local stores, but the little twist it has this year? They transformed the typical work top/collegiate button downs into off-the-shoulder style. You now have your usual classy and clean top giving summer crop tops a run for their money. With that being said, I do not see these tops going away through Fall/Winter. I envision this style of tops to go strong into next year with our top fashionistas combining these shoulder-less tops with their glamorous faux fur vest and jackets. So if you missed out on these stylish tops for summer, don't worry, they will be around well through the next seasons. Keep an eye out on how I style my off-the-shoulder tops in the chillier nights of Los Angeles!


{Sunnies} Korea | {Necklace} DIY | {Top} Local Boutique, similar here
{Jeans} Nordstromrack.com | {Heels} Sole Society


California Ave, Santa Monica Beach

Welcome to California Ave!  

Spent my Sunday strolling around Santa Monica Beach. It was a beautiful day filled with tons of tourist, beach-goers, and do not forget the Pokemon Go-ers! Not going to lie, my family members are obsessed with the game, hence being their chauffeur for the day. I must say, I am glad my family members are so enthralled with the app since it encourages them to go out and walk. If you know my family, you know we are not big on exercising, so this is a big plus. I could careless about the exercise myself (hey, it runs in the family!), but I was there for one thing only... ice cream!

I cannot be 100% positive, but I believe this may be a muumuu I'm wearing... I know they have such a bad rep, but all I can say is it was so darn freeing! The perfect thing to throw on when walking the beach in my opinion. The print is pretty out there, but I fell in love with it when I saw it in Ross last year! Just enough quirk to keep me going.

A little secret... this is actually the side of some restroom stalls located on the beach. :P

{Sunnies} AliExpress.com | {Dress} Ross Dress For Less | {Flats} Forever 21 | 
{Backpack} Steve Madden via NordstromRack.com | {Choker} DIY


Happy Independence Day! 2016

"No restricting pants today!" That was the one outfit criteria I had before leaving my house to join my family's 4th of July festivities.  It is a day where I prominently run around with the kids being up to no good :) And of course, with fireworks, you have to be ready to leap and grab running toddlers from the crossfire! It was a no brainer to toss on this cozy pair of thrifted pants. The fit is a bit off, but for whatever reason, I am drawn to them and they have become a staple lazy pant for me. If a piece of clothing is odd, but overall puts a smile on your face, a word of advice... GIT IT~

Less Than $50
Ears $3
Crop Top $5
Pants $3
Flats $15
Choker DIY
Total $26


{Ears/Top} Local Boutique | {Pants} Thrifted | {Flats} Forever 21 | {Choker} thecomelycloset


Make-A-Wish - Disneyland

This day was a very special day for my family and I. It could not have been a more perfect day, so I hope you enjoy this Disneyland outfit and a little snippet of it all. Also, I wanted to give a quick thank you to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for making it a memorable day for all of us, as well as Fantasy T-Shirts for our custom family tees! 

<3 Amy

{Hat} Japan | {Shirt} Fantasy T-Shirts | {Shorts} Thrifted | {Sneakers} Nike via Sports Authority


Happy First Day of Summer!

Although we are in a perpetual summer here in Los Angeles, it is still quite exciting to welcome its' first day! It is in full force as we are experiencing 100+ degree weather right now! Be expecting more short dresses, short shorts, and a whole 'lotta skin on the blog this summer :P

There is something so mesmerizing by a structured masculine vest, and especially in a feminine pop of pink color. Typically, I would wear this piece in the fall with some pants.. but seeing as this heat is relentless, let's remove the pants altogether and switch it up into a dress instead! I threw in one of my handmade body chains for that little bit of eye candy, and some buckled, black wedges for that touch of edge. Whenever I wear anything leaning towards the girly side, I always accessorize with an edgier piece, which is where I feel the most comfortable with in my style. 

Wishing you all the best summer this 2016 and hope you make unforgettable memories with your loved ones! 


{Body Chain} thecomelycloset

Location: Las Vegas Strip
 When your popper fails...