Happy Halloween 2015!

Office decorations and costume :)

I hope everybody had a fun, safe, candy-filled Halloween this year! Until next time.. BOO!


All In: Gold Tone Mismatched Jewels

I have never been a stickler for needing to match jewel tones or actual pieces. I love throwing on any jewelry I am in the mood for and not giving a rat's ass if it actually matches.  With earrings, we all tend to lose the matching pair anyhow, and eventually leaving behind that single earring. I would like to officially make my PSA announcement that wearing mismatched earrings is fun and in no way a taboo!
I stumbled upon these earring sets a few weeks ago at Charlotte Russe, and love that none are exactly the same. It gives you the freedom to decide what you want to pair up together, and these earrings are all that I have been rockin' as of late.
Even better? One of the sets is on sale for $5 right meow! Click here to join the mismatched world.



#NationalHandbagDay - Luna + Artemis

Moon... Prism... Power! If you know where that phrase and these purses are based on, then we would be the best of friends!

When these babies came into the mail the other week, I was like a giddy little school girl. My happiness could not be contained, and ended up sending pictures to every person I knew to share the awesome-ness that is these purses.

I saw these Luna & Artemis purses (references to Sailormoon) on instagram a while back, and knew I had to get my hands on them. I want to share how I typically locate more affordable items I see on the interweb. I definitely search on "China" websites first. Places likes ebay.com has a lot of Chinese vendors, along with www.aliexpress.com.

Tips on shopping on "China" sites.
  • A big warning on using these sites - you have to be careful because they tend to use images from the exact company that they have decided to replicate, which means it does not always look like the picture they have provided. 
  • Keep looking at all the vendors that sell that item. Get a consensus of the average of what it should cost.
  • Do not immediately purchase the cheapest option. You want to see their selling rating, and how much products they have actually sold. The higher, the better.
  • Only be ready to purchase if it is at a price that you would not mind potentially wasting your money. Because most products are in China, it takes time for shipping, which then makes it less likely that you would return something if there was an issue with it. 
  • Never expect the best quality and perfect item because most definitely, there will be something off about it, but the low price should still outweigh that slight defect.
If you are not into all of this, then I do not recommend it! I love a good deal, and because I do this often, it makes it easier for me to weed out the super fakes and horrible replicas. I would say 90% of the time it is not exactly what you are expecting, but for the price of it compared to where you could get it in stores in America, it is still a great purchase. You have to weigh all the factors that matter to you.

These purses surprised me by their quality. The straps could be built a little better, but it really doesn't ruin the functionality or appearance of the purse at all, so this purchase was a win at $16 each!

Happy National Handbag Day!

xoxo lovelies,


Korea - To Be Continued

While I am in the midst of editing all the Korea footage and photos, I hope the first official vlog from this vacation series will suffice for now. Stay tune for more in the upcoming weeks.
After editing the first two days of our trip, I realized all we did was eat! Hope you're not hungry right now...

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Plaid & Floral, Dark Romantic

I would imagine your wedding day to be the day you receive the most compliments in your entire life. Well, the day I rocked this skirt could potentially match that day. I wore this outfit for an entire day as I visited some friends, ran errands, went shopping, and attended a concert. Throughout the day, I kept getting compliments on this skirt and where I got it from. Unfortunately, I got it at the Ladies First Event for $5, and have no clue where you could repurchase! By the way, my crop top was purchased on aliexpress.com for $2, which means my outfit was a measly $7.

Moral of the story? You do not have to break the wallet to look and feel good. This has been my mantra my whole blogging career, and hope you all can find solace in that saying if you ever struggle with your personal style. 

BTDubz, sorry for the long hiatus. If you have not figured out through my Instagram yet, I was in Korea for a little bit on vacation. I made the ultimate decision to leave my laptop at home, and enjoy myself there. On a good note, Korea VLOGS and haul coming very soon. Subscribe to my YouTube to stay connected and be the first to watch my videos. 

Sunnies $12
Top $2
Skirt $5
Sandals $15
Necklace Handmade
Rings $5
Total - $39

xoxo Lovelies,


Ladies First Event - BAEWATCHOC VLOG & HAUL

I am always down for an event with discounted clothing and live music spinning. I attended Baewatch OC a few weeks ago after seeing some fashion bloggers post about it on their social media. I loved that the event not only had some great vendors that I would not have ever discovered, but some trendy bloggers selling their clothes as well. There were drinks, live music, a good mix of vendors/products, and a damn taco truck (which saved our asses for breakfast).

There is an unexplainable pleasure when you dig through a pile of clothes and discover something you love, AND it doesn't break the wallet. It might be an unhealthy disorder, but I'll take that high over any other one.
On top of starting my great day with tacos, winning a mani, shopping affordable clothing, chitchatting with vendors, and hanging with a good friend, I won the gift bag filled with tons of goodies. Check out all the goodies I bought and won below, plus a haul on the VLOG.
Enjoy lovelies~

 {Sunnies} Nordstrom | {Tee} Ross Dress For Less | {Leggings} Pink Basis | 
{Booties} Ross | {Bucket Bag} Nordstrom Rack

  Goodies! Watch the VLOG for a closeup of my event haul


DIY Sunday: Daisy Crop Top How-To In 3 Easy Steps

I originally made my last daisy DIY crop top because I wanted to figure out a creative way to fix an ill-fitting top. It was a slightly different design to adjust the fit issue (you can see it here), but I wanted to show you an easy way to amp up any top you have. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question! :)

Happy DIYing! Make sure to tag me so I can see your creations.


1. Plain Crop Top ($3.99 @ local boutique)
2. Daisy Trim ~1.5 yards (Available @ Etsy/Ebay/Joanne's Fabric)
3. Scissors
4. Glue Gun
5. Optional - Ruler and Pen
Step 1: Cut the sides off of the crop top. You can mark and use a ruler if you want to be precise, but I free-hand it. In this example, I cut approximately 1 inch from the side seem (2 total including the backside).

Step 2: Plan it out. Figure out how you want it to look and measure it. Take into consideration how stretchy the crop top is. The more inches you cut off on the sides, the more flowers you will need. Remember that the trim does not stretch, only the shirt, so do not make it too small by not using enough trim length. Good rule of thumb is to stretch the piece you cut off and see how much length you would need and add a flower's length on top of that.

Step 3: Make your vision come to life with some hot glue! Even better? It's all washable!

Finished product:

Alternate Design