2017 New Year's Resolutions

Happy almost New Years Lovelies! The time has come to add yet another year of adventures to our lives. I wanted to write an in depth reflection of my year thus far, but I figured I'll concentrate my energy on ringing in the New Year today! And besides, who doesn't like an easy bullet point list instead? :P 

I have been on a long hiatus to focus on my career and volunteer work, but I hope I am re-energized for thecomelycloset this new year. Shall we begin this journey together yet again? Bring it on 2017.

To reflect on this past year... the good and the bad highlights: 
- Domestic travel: Seattle, Washington. International travel: Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka
- National Parks visited: Death Valley to see the superbloom, Bryce Canyon for my birthday trip, Sequoia for fall foliage, Yosemite for my first falling snow, and Joshua Tree with my love!
- Six friends got married, attended 4. 
- Major career setbacks that have me questioning my current path. 
- Rollercoaster of emotions battling personal timelines I did not hit.
- Said goodbye to someone for the better. 
- Co-chair for MLAC
- Organized and executed a successful charity sample sale.
- Last, but not least.. someone has entered my life that I know will be that much needed rock for me :)

2017 Resolutions
  1. Workout and get fit - this is the year! 
  2. Cook more often and master some recipes you're proud of.
  3. Travel more, especially to a tropical island to unwind!
  4. Hike more often and visit a National Park outside of California/Nevada.
  5. Re-discover my passions and hope it guides me down the right path. Push yourself to find something new that'll challenge you. 
A look back into my 2016 Resolutions... Was it accomplished? 
  1. Work out to build stamina - Not quite, I worked out very hard for one month... Baby steps!
  2. Take time for yourself, do not spread yourself so thin. - YES! 
  3. Re-discover things that inspire you and/or discover new passions. - Not quite, the hunt continues into 2017.
  4. Work on your voice. Be able to clearly voice your opinion and to really make a difference with that voice. - YES! But this is a forever work in progress.
  5. Take leaps in your career and hobbies. Go for it. - Yes/No. Leaps were taken, but lots of unfortunate steps back occurred as well.

Location: Joshua Tree
Photography by Adam Quirch


Pop-Up Brunch by 2.o Eats

What can I say about this brunch? The pictures you see are exactly representative of how it tasted in real life - amazing! 2.o Eats throws pop-up dinners and brunches with their own curated menus. This was my first time experiencing their dishes, and man was I impressed. Along with great company, great food, and a bit of bottomless sangrias.. It was a fun-filled day. :) Do not forget to scroll all the way down for outfit details!

Pictured from top to bottom: 
The A La Carte Menu, Arugula Salad, Heirloom Tomato, Clams, Flank Steak, Sangria

Adorable location and ambiance in Pasadena.

Now, on to the outfit of the brunching day! My friend and I actually took a workout class that morning, and changed in the car before heading over to this brunch. We clean up pretty quick and well, no? :p

My entire outfit was less than $50, per usual. All clothing items came from stores with discounted clothing, such as Ross and Nordstrom Rack. If you have been following me, you will notice I shop at those places quite often, and I would actually consider them to be my favorite stores. I get a great satisfaction in purchasing clothing that look expensive, but was quite affordable. You really do not have to break the bank, in order to look and feel good!

I hope you all enjoy these crop top and culottes shots.

{Necklace} Sidecca| {Top} Ross Dress For Less | {Bottoms} NordstromRack.com
{Shoes} Steve Madden Kendall & Kylie Line via Nordstrom Rack

Location: Pasadena, CA

Sunset Bike Riding in Santa Monica

Reminiscing back to this day gives me the biggest smile. It was a productive day filled with good company and fun "cross this off my list" type activities. Summer is officially over, but there were still many things on my friends and I summer to-do list, which included bike riding along the beach! Even better? We were able to do it on a beautiful day and during sunset :)

I was sure to wear the right outfit to bike ride - lightweight, comfy, and non-restricting. I have been wearing this XI Clothing striped top religiously lately because of the oversize fit and the fact that it goes with practically anything. I paired it with some very old pair of shorts I bought a few years ago at Forever 21 in Korea, and threw on my current favorite shoe. Funny enough, I have been getting many comments on these sandals, which I am unable to decipher whether they are positive or negative responses. They are typically along the line of "Oh, your shoes remind me of my daughter's shoes," or "Wow, your shoes are bringing me back to the old days." To be honest, that is the very reason why I fell in love with these sandals at first sight! It reminded me of the cheap jelly sandals my mom would buy me back when I was in elementary school, but of course, elevated. To finish the look off, I wore these sunnies that my sister has left at my house for the past few months. Hey, someone needs to give them some loving! :P

I would love to hear what was on your summer to-do checklist, and if you were able to achieve them!


{Sunnies} Pacsun, here | {Top} XI Clothing | {Shorts} Forever 21, similar here | {Shoes} Long Beach Boutique

Photography by j5tang
Location: Santa Monica/Venice Beach

Goodbye Summer - Tie-Dye Dress

Welcome Fall, I hope my obnoxious summer dress does not offend you, but it will probably be the last time I wear it for the year!

I absolutely cannot wait to transition into my fall outfits, but it might have to wait a bit, as Los Angeles is still on FIYAH. I am saying goodbye to summer with a huge BANG! This tie-dye dress is definitely the epitome of summer and the perfect piece to part ways with the season. It's a very lightweight dress with a muted color tie-dye print that I decided to pair with my earth-tone accessories. I tossed in beautiful browns and golds to create an overall casual, boho vibe. With that being said, it's almost time for some deeper fall hues, and I'm excited! Bring on the new season. 


 {Sunnies} zeroUV | {Dress} Ontario Mills Outlet, similar here | {Sandals} NordstromRack.com | {Bracelet} Flea Market | {Necklaces} Handmade by thecomelycloset | {Ring} Sole Society

On Trend: Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Off-The-Shoulder tops are killing it this 2016. I'm sure you have been seeing them in all your local stores, but the little twist it has this year? They transformed the typical work top/collegiate button downs into off-the-shoulder style. You now have your usual classy and clean top giving summer crop tops a run for their money. With that being said, I do not see these tops going away through Fall/Winter. I envision this style of tops to go strong into next year with our top fashionistas combining these shoulder-less tops with their glamorous faux fur vest and jackets. So if you missed out on these stylish tops for summer, don't worry, they will be around well through the next seasons. Keep an eye out on how I style my off-the-shoulder tops in the chillier nights of Los Angeles!


{Sunnies} Korea | {Necklace} DIY | {Top} Local Boutique, similar here
{Jeans} Nordstromrack.com | {Heels} Sole Society

California Ave, Santa Monica Beach

Welcome to California Ave!  

Spent my Sunday strolling around Santa Monica Beach. It was a beautiful day filled with tons of tourist, beach-goers, and do not forget the Pokemon Go-ers! Not going to lie, my family members are obsessed with the game, hence being their chauffeur for the day. I must say, I am glad my family members are so enthralled with the app since it encourages them to go out and walk. If you know my family, you know we are not big on exercising, so this is a big plus. I could careless about the exercise myself (hey, it runs in the family!), but I was there for one thing only... ice cream!

I cannot be 100% positive, but I believe this may be a muumuu I'm wearing... I know they have such a bad rep, but all I can say is it was so darn freeing! The perfect thing to throw on when walking the beach in my opinion. The print is pretty out there, but I fell in love with it when I saw it in Ross last year! Just enough quirk to keep me going.

A little secret... this is actually the side of some restroom stalls located on the beach. :P

{Sunnies} AliExpress.com | {Dress} Ross Dress For Less | {Flats} Forever 21 | 
{Backpack} Steve Madden via NordstromRack.com | {Choker} DIY

Happy Independence Day! 2016

"No restricting pants today!" That was the one outfit criteria I had before leaving my house to join my family's 4th of July festivities.  It is a day where I prominently run around with the kids being up to no good :) And of course, with fireworks, you have to be ready to leap and grab running toddlers from the crossfire! It was a no brainer to toss on this cozy pair of thrifted pants. The fit is a bit off, but for whatever reason, I am drawn to them and they have become a staple lazy pant for me. If a piece of clothing is odd, but overall puts a smile on your face, a word of advice... GIT IT~

Less Than $50
Ears $3
Crop Top $5
Pants $3
Flats $15
Choker DIY
Total $26


{Ears/Top} Local Boutique | {Pants} Thrifted | {Flats} Forever 21 | {Choker} thecomelycloset