LA Spots: The Nest Breakfast

Brunch, my favorite time of day. Ventured into the city of Bellflower for this LA Spot, and I have to say it was a pleasant experience. The restaurant is on the smaller side, but it adds to the cool nature of the place. The best part of this restaurant is definitely the friendly staff and owner, whom really make it a point to speak to everyone and greet them. Immediately felt welcomed and love that the menu is on the simpler side. You could pretty much order either a full portion or side portion of any of the dishes, which is something I absolutely appreciate since I love trying out each item.

My favorite of what we tried was the Beef Short Rib Hash. It completely rocked my world. Presentation on all the food was great, and prices are cheaper than any brunch spots in the city of Los Angeles. I would recommend asking for extra gravy on your breakfast poutine because ours came out a bit too scarce.

A highly recommended item on Yelp is their Bacon Waffle. I enjoyed it, but I was in the mood for more savory dishes, so I did not care for it much. Although it did have a salty bacon flare to it, I did not have the sweet tooth that day to fully appreciate it.

Click here for Yelp reviews and here for their menu.

Food rating: 4/5
Overall ambiance rating: 5/5

Breakfast Poutine

Beef Short Rib Hash

Fresh Fruits

Bacon Waffle

Custard French Toast


Festival Series: Pretty in Pink... In the Wild

And the festival series comes to an end with this last bit of outfit inspiration. It concludes with one of my favorite outfits, which is super easy, comfy, and has a lot of movement. I stumbled upon this skirt that I found in my donate pile, and decided to give it one last go. To my surprise, it was the perfect piece to complement my mood that day - light, flowy, and pink (yes, that is a mood). 

I hope you all enjoyed this festival series that included ridiculously affordable pieces that I have had in my closet for years. It shows you that you can find inspiration from those items that end up buried in the back of your drawer, and make it feel and look brand spankin' new.

 Happy Coachella everybody!

*Floral crown by Violette's Flowers

 {Top} Thrifted | {Skirt} Korea Boutique | {Sandals} Forever21 | {Body Chain} thecomelycloset | {Floral Crown} Violette's


Festival Series: Flower Child



Was not amongst the thousands that attended the first weekend of Coachella, but am definitely still feeling the festival vibes. Sporting this crochet, floral detailed top that I am absolutely obsessed with. So obsessed... that I have 3 of them in different colors. Now, before you judge, I got them for free at my old job a few years back. To counter the extra nakie, I balanced it with some regular length, cuffed denim shorts. Topped off with a hand-made Violette's floral crown, and I am good to go for the second weekend of Homechella!

 {Top} Thrifted | {Shorts} H&M | {Sandals} Forever21 | {Floral Crown} Violette's


Festival Series: The Maxi

Comfy and casual is another key theme for music festivals. A simple maxi dress will help you move comfortably from stage to stage. The great thing about this particular maxi? It is seemingly basic in front, but turn around, and you will see the sexy open and lace back, which is the reason I fell in love with this dress. And if simple is not your thing, spice things up with your choice of jewelry, or even a lace bralette for some extra something something, if ya know what I mean. :P

This handmade body chain was made to perfectly lay on my hips and accentuate the curves. I love pairing this body chain with all my simpler dresses and even my swimsuits. If you are interested in one, please email me at thecomelycloset@gmail.com, and we can discuss how to bring focus to the right places of your body. :)

*Floral crowns are for purchase at Violette's Flowers.

 {Dress} Forever21 | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset | {Sandals} Forever21 | {Floral Crown} Violette's Flowers


Festival Series: Yes, Weekend

So... weekend 1 or weekend 2? It is a statement all too familiar right now, while Coachella approaches.

With Spring comes the music Festival season. Although I am not one of those festival goers this year (or who knows...), I thought I would put together some inspiration for you! It was a way for me to feel a part of this fun season, and hopefully get you pumped up.

The focus of this outfit is definitely the long cardi. It is super light, sheer, and the perfect layering piece that moves with you while you dance. It is a good contrast to the otherwise lack of clothing also, which we know is a popular theme during music festivals. The best thing about this cardi? It was thrifted.

This is one look of a few more to come. Keep checking back to see what other outfits I have pulled for this lookbook. Each look is featuring floral crowns by Violette's Flowers, which is for purchase now.

Cardi - $10
Top - $6
Shorts - $4
Shoes - $15
Total $35

 {Cardi} Goodwill | {Top/Shorts} Ross Dress For Less | {Boots} Pink Basis | {Floral Crown} Violette's Flowers


Happy First Day of Spring

Today, March 20th, marks the first day of Spring! I cannot be more excited as this year continues to unravel. Three months in so far, and although there were some ups and downs (inevitable), It's been great. It is strange how comfortable I am in my own skin and with the aspirations I have for myself in 2015, which is why I believe with every bone in my body that this is the year. This is the year I will continue to work hard and see a great strive in both my career and personal growth. This is the year I will see a positive outcome for all the time and effort I have put into my projects. And this is the year I will no longer seek validation, as I am completely happy with the place I am in.

Hopefully, I do not end the year thinking I was full of bull caca, excuse my language.

Let's have a great Spring together, smelling the flowers, enjoying the weather, and just living life!

Photos by Cindy L. Huang

 {Hat} Target | {Dress} Nordstrom Rack | {Heels} Pink Basis | {Necklace} thecomelycloset


International Women's Day Awards Gala 2015

I had the honor of attending the first ever International Women's Day Awards Gala as a hostess and "awards girl". This night honored a few women in the Chinese American world, including Sue Wong, a great evening wear designer. With her generosity, we were able to wear some of her pieces for the night, which is a huge dream come true. Never in my mind would I ever be able to sport an outfit by a designer I admire straight from her showroom. 

There were lots of chaos that night, including being forced to walk with professional models for the Sue Wong tribute, not being able to understand a word of Mandarin, and tripping over my dress. However, over all, I was able to meet some great ladies, and watch a great show. 

Below are some blurry phone pictures of the night, enjoy! :)