Ringing in the New Year - 2015!

It is an interesting time when you and your group of friends come to the same conclusion after an extremely fun night. I guess you can call it maturity or a realization of what our body's can or cannot do anymore. It was a decision that did not come with regrets or struggle, but one that came extremely easy, as if we looked at each other and just knew. Basically, we can't hang with them young-ins anymore. 

Here's to a great new year and sharing it with you all! I wish you all the best and love.


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Them dry knees though.


2015 New Year's Resolutions

A video to remind myself of this year's resolutions. Learn about my 4 resolutions this year by clicking play. :)
On New Year's day, I got home and decided to film this video in my living room. For some reason, I had a lot to say so it turned out to be a rant + resolutions video. I typically struggle with explaining myself or expressing myself, but I filmed this all in one take, and it sums up everything I am hoping for this year.

By the way, this is my first official post of the new year. It is feeling a bit surreal that it is already 2015, and that I am that much closer to my goals. 

Enjoy and Happy New Year! xoxo


California Cruisin'

Merry Christmas to me! Thanks to the broski for this bike that is in the cutest color everrr. Cannot wait for all the screws to be adjusted and tightened so I can start cruising!

Sported my pineapple sweater, with my thrifted ill-fitting pants and some keds for a clean, quirky look. Those pants fit so awkwardly on my body, but for whatever reason, I love them and I mean, who can argue over a $1 pair of pants. 

Hoping you all got some awesome Christmas gifts this year! xoxo

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New Year, New Hurr


New Year = New Hurr. Goodbye asymmetry, you will be dearly missed. I visited my friend at Chaz Dean Studio for a little snip snip, just to even out the hair, and it was a great hair treatment! All the hair products from the shampoo to the final touches smelled divine.

There is something about a new haircut that makes you feel extra fresh and inspired to dress up and look good. Or at least... that's definitely the case for me! I have not done my hair in quite sometime, but with this new hair, I can't stop styling it and playing with different outfits. Hopefully, the motivation to stay on point continues throughout 2015!

Let me know if you're interested in a new year hairdo. Hair stylist's information below.

Sarah Park aka CC aka Sarjabeans - Instagram

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My talented hair stylist/make-up artist friend, Sarjabeans.


An Avant Garde Christmas

I'm calling this year an Avant Garde Christmas, thanks to those beautiful wreath arm candy Violettes made. A tiny peak into a little Christmas get together we had this past weekend with some good friends. :)

Merry Christmas All, xoxo


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