Fifty Shades of F*cked Up

I do not tend to use vulgar language, but in the spirit of Christian Grey, I shall. 

As you can see, the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, has had quite an impact on my life... I mean... I am dedicating this post to it (and potentially another one...), I just cursed, and am re-reading the 2nd book. I have had a good amount of judgment when I tell people I am reading it, but why? You can dislike the book for whatever reason it may be, but the reason I love it is because of the love and lust that Christian and Ana have for each other. Basically, I'm a sucker for any love story, even if it is "written horribly" - not my words - or have holes in the storyline. 

I picked up this book as a way to mindlessly pass time, during a very hectic and stressful month. To my surprise, I was sucked right in and finished the entire series in 9 days - pretty impressive for having a full-time job, no? I am glad the book presented itself at this time in my life, because I probably would not have appreciated it as much any other time. 

Thank you to Christian Grey and his f*cked-up-ness for keeping me entertained these past weeks. :)

Sunnies $10
Top $7
Skirt $5
Heels $10
Total - $32

*Photos by Cindy L. Huang

 {Sunnies} H&M | {Top} DTLA Fashion District | {Skirt} Thrifted - Goodwill | {Shoes} Reflections


The Getty Villa

A place I recommend to those visiting Los Angeles is The Getty Villa. It is not an all day type event, but definitely somewhere you should drop by if you are already on the West coast visiting the nearby beaches. It is a very beautiful place, assuming the weather is nice.

If you are planning to come here, you do have to reserve a time slot for you and your guests. It is very simple and free. I also recommend packing a nice snack or lunch - there are many places to sit and eat, and just take in the scenery. The beach is directly across the street, down the hill, so you can imagine the amazing views.

Even if you are not a history buff and have no interest in Roman architecture, this place is still nice to stroll around, take pictures, and have a mini picnic.

Make sure you check the weather!


Grammy's 2015

My top picks:

Gwen Stefani in custom Versace. There is something about that intricate caged bustier that just gets me, which makes this outfit my #1 pick of the night. 

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab. I am always drawn towards shoulder baring dresses and that color and sheen is to die for! I could do, however, without that opened front and those shoes...

Haim. They just ooze effortlessness, which is one of the sexiest things in this world - and why they top my list. It is one of those situations where they command the clothing.

Jessie J
Anna Kendrick
Kelly Osbourne

Best Dressed Male
John Legend in Dolce & Gabbana

*All pictures taken from Yahoo.com


French Market Cafe

Believe it or not, as a born and raised Los Angelian, I have never heard of this "Abbot Kinney" street in Venice. After hearing that it was a nice spot to stroll around and eat, I decided to take my out-of-town friend here for brunch and to shop. I yelped for a nice spot to eat and came across the French Market Cafe. Their menu is minimal and as their name describes, they have a nice mini market filled with French goodies. Ranging from macarons, croissants, cheese, and some frozen foods. The staff on hand (when I was there) are all French, making it feel more authentic in its' already quaint feel. They have a small connected dining area and a cute wooden, outdoor patio section. The food that we chose were delicious and we overall had a nice time at the French Market Cafe.

 Le Cheval on a Croissant - Open toasted sandwich with 2 fried eggs on top (a cheval) on Ham and melted swiss cheese. Served with baby mixed greens. RATING: 5/5 

Ratatouille Omelette - Served with baby green salad, toasted baguette, butter and jam. RATING: 4/5
 The Market

The Out-of-town-er :)