Fun & Frilly in Spring Florals

This day was a memorable one. It is rare for me to have a whole day free, and choose to go out and make a good day of it. We first strolled to have a late lunch, then headed straight to grab ice cream at Gresescent - delicious and picture perfect! They are infamous for their ice cream bouquets, but you can opt out for less "balls" in a smaller cup. You can choose any flavor you like out of their 10 flavor options. The day was so hot that just walking a block over to the park was difficult! Imagine sticky Godzilla hands due to melted ice cream!

Once at the park, we got a few pictures taken of my Heavenly Couture dress. I am pretty obsessed with this dress because it is so fun. The muted blue is pretty, the leafy floral prints go well with Spring, and the off-the-shoulder aspect is so on trend right now. Even better? I got it only for $12.99, which obviously makes me like it even more! I paired the dress with some baby blue Ross ankle wrap heels and to keep it casual, tossed on my earth-tone fringe handbag and wood watch. 

After the park, we headed over to The Grove, where we walked, window shopped, watched Guardians of The Galaxy, and had dinner. It was a fun filled day in a fun and frilly dress - see what I did there? :P

Hope you all have a great weekend!

{Sunnies} Borrowed from the sister | {Dress} Heavenly Couture | {Handbag} So old I do not remember... | 
{Watch} c/o JORD Watches | {Shoes} Ross Dress For Less

Location: Grand Hope Park

On Trend: Yellow Lens Sunglasses

I am sure you have seen this trend peaking through here and there, but mark my words, yellow lens sunglasses is only starting to sweep the fashion world. Fashionistas such as Bella Hadid and Shay Mitchell have been spotted sporting these sunnies as of late, but do not get these confused with the already popular mirrored lens. This summer it is all about the sheer and subtly tinted sunglasses. The retro scene comeback into fashion is definitely lending a hand in this specific sunglasses trend.

It will be my go-to summer sunnies. They instantly retrofy (yes, I made that word up) any outfit, so be ready to be transported to another era with these. The only problem with them? They do not actually help against the sun, but do make everything so much happier with the added warmth you see. My friends and I were at the Seven Magic Mountain exhibit near Las Vegas, when the weather decided to suddenly become gloomy and cold. With these sunnies on, I did not notice a difference in the gloom at all. :P

Let me know if you are feeling this trend, and who else you have spotted wearing them!


 {Top} Thrifted | {Jeans} Old Navy | {Watch} c/o JORDWatches | {Sneakers} Nikes

Luxury Wooden Watch

Exhibit: Doug Aitken's Mirage House

I recently traveled out to Palm Springs, California to visit the Mirage art exhibit. If you are from Southern California and check social media every so often, then you must have seen an image similar to the one above. This exhibit is taking social media by storm, especially since it runs near Coachella Valley and during music festival season. 

I did a spontaneous trip out there that took me 3 hours round trip (from Los Angeles). With all honesty, I went without knowing the last weekend it was opened for was that same weekend I decided to go. With that being said, it was a bit busy, but am unsure whether the line is a normal thing. When you drive up, it looks like you are about to enter a gated residential area. There is parking right up top, so I would suggest to drive up first THEN trickle back down if you need to park along the driveway. I made the mistake of parking at the bottom and having to make my trek up the very steep pathway. The exhibit is easy to get to as there is a paved driveway. 

Once you reach the house, there are workers that will allow a certain amount of people in at a time to wonder around. I believe there are about 5 different rooms/sections. The house itself was not as grand as I expected it to be, and all the mirrors were definitely sensory overload with all the reflections bouncing everywhere. If you want to get a picture inside the house, best of luck because no matter the angle, you will capture someone else's reflection (the purpose of the exhibit), UNLESS you are lucky enough to capture a moment of emptiness. Also note, large cameras are not allowed inside. I was able to sneak a few shots, but because it was the end of the day, there were crazy finger prints and marks all over the mirrors that made it impossible to get a decent shot in (and all the random reflections you capture). 

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the Mirage, but I would not call it a must-see exhibit. It was nice to check out what the fuss was all about and to capture a few pictures of my own, but this is a one-time is a enough type exhibit. However, the scenery was quite beautiful up there, especially at dusk with all the lights on. I do have a few tips for those of you still wanting to visit.

P.S. THIS EXHIBIT WAS EXTENDED! According to the worker when I visited, until October! Don't kill the messenger though if it closes much sooner than that... :X 

- Check the top for parking first (or else it's a steep hill to walk up)
- Visit/Stay before closing. People start to clear out and you will have the exhibit to yourself for a minute or two, free of random reflections, and a beautiful backdrop.
- Later on at night is when you can get away with running in and out of the exhibit. During the day, they are a bit more strict on re-entering.
- Make sure to have your phone camera for indoor pictures, and larger camera for outdoor pictures. 
- If it is busy, be patient. Eventually, you will have a second of clarity to capture your shot!
- AND for you girls wanting a cute photo op, yes, you can definitely wear your frilly dress and heels! I would only advise against if you are going to walk around the house (as it is dirt and uneven) and/or climb on any surrounding rocks.

For more information on the exhibit, please visit the Desert X website, click here


{Dress} Zara Girls | {Handbag} So old, I can't remember! | {Shoes} Keds | {Necklaces} ShopBexo

Location: Desert X Exhibit - Palm Springs, California

Spring Staples - Straw Hats & Frilly Dresses

As a photography enthusiast, I am always looking for the best locations to shoot. Places that inspire me, without having to make a major trek out. I wondered into Arlington Gardens when my friend suggested it for her engagement shoot (apparently a popular location, since there were both a wedding party, and graduate there to take photos). Arlington Gardens is such a small, cute local garden that I cannot believe exist! There are a few sections of the garden that had tables to sit and enjoy yourself, as well as beautiful flowers and greenery all over. You bet your bottoms, I'll be back here!

For my outfit, I knew I wanted to complement the garden with a nice dress and sunhat.  These days, all I do is online shop for my new Spring/Summer wardrobe. It's horrible, I tell you! It's become a bad habit, but I cannot stop my frilly dress and sunhat obsession. I mean, this isn't the worst time to be obsessing over these things as they are hot hot in trend right now, especially straw hats/accessories! I am still on the hunt for that perfect hat this season, so if you have any leads, please do comment and share! 

Are you all set with your Spring staples? Because I am well covered, but still going shopping strong apparently. :P Hope you lovelies have a great weekend,

{Hat} Nine West via Ross Dress For Less | {Dress} Ross Dress For Less | 
{Jewelry} Handmade by thecomelycloset

Location: Arlington Garden, Pasadena

All Purple'd Out

I am not sure if you are noticing some shifts in style on my blog as of late... but I came to a realization that my taste has been evolving these past few weeks. I am so thoroughly fascinated by it because if you knew me, I found true comfort in trend driven styles with a touch of edge. These days, I am absolutely loving more sleek and chic pieces, nothing new, but I have been styling them without the edge! I am almost shocked at myself for this sudden shift. I believe it could be attributed to the new cheerful weather, my upcoming tropical vacation, and age :X 

This blog was created as a creative outlet and a way for me to reminisce events and styles throughout the years. Looking forward to those "Wow! I cannot believe I used to wear that" moments. OR when my future children are into a certain fashion scene and I can say, "Hey, I am cooler than you because I wore these styles way before you did!" Apparently, I created this blog subconsciously to embarrass my future kids. :P 

These photos were taken in a beautiful home my friend rented out from AirBnB. The home was modern with beach-side decor, which I loved! I would recommend this home to anyone looking for a remote place out in Northern California, somewhat near Napa Valley (in case you are visiting for wine tasting). It was the perfect setting for this outfit, as it had both beautiful pops of color that complemented the purple and pristine white rooms to showcase the purple.

Going into this outfit, I already knew I wanted to play matchy matchy with similar hues. When this pretty purple sweater first caught my eye, I knew purple was the way to go this weekend! I already had my handy cat crossbody arriving from AliExpress, and then I finished it all off with matching socks. The key in playing with matching hues is to choose a neutral color to break it up somewhere, and in this case, my white jumpsuit. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it! 


Do Not Disturb - Wine Tasting at Castello di Amarosa

On Vacation Mode. Do. Not. Disturb. - That was my motto this past weekend. I traveled up north towards Napa Valley to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was a great getaway from work, and jumping into a completely different world - NorCal. It's funny how the environment and vibe is so polar opposite in the same state. We were also blessed with the perfect weather, which allowed us to have a great picnic and wine tasting. 

Our picnic and charcuterie board was nothing short of amazing. Each one of us provided something to the table, and it ended up being a colorful and delicious meal. Boy, did I eat a lot of cheese! Before I move on from this cute setup, I just want to mention how delicious the Strawberries and Cream Cake was from Nothing Bundt Cake. It was ridiculously moist (even the next day in the fridge!), and not over the top sweet either. I would highly recommend this cake.

Unfortunately, I am far from a wine connoisseur, so I am limited in describing each wine I had, other than whether I enjoyed it or not... :X However, we did visit Castello di Amorosa, which is literally a castle on a hill, with a moat and everything! After some research, I learned that the castle was built 20 years ago purposely as a wine tasting location. We paid $25 dollars for the wine tasting that let us try 5 different glasses only sold at the vineyard. I enjoyed it all, but my favorites have to be the "Zingaro" and "Il Brigante" - all reds of course.

With that being said, we could not miss out on the opportunity to take a few photos at the castle. The highlight of my outfit was my sequined floppy hat that said "do not disturb". I could not leave home without it as it fit perfectly at the vineyards, and protected me from the sun. From there I wore a cozy romper over this strawberry crop top I got from Forever 21. I finished the whole look with my holographic sandals from Korea. The little details, such as the sequins, strawberries, and holographics added that perfect bit of quirk to my otherwise classy, cozy look! This entire look cost me roughly $50, including pieces I have owned for a few years now. You should be breaking your wallet on your experiences and not your outfit, it's possible (but hard I know)!


{Hat} Ross Dress For Less{Top} Forever21 | {Romper} Nordstrom Rack
{Sandals} Korea - similar here | {Sunglasses} ZeroUV

The Wild Bloom - Lake Elsinore, CA

Hellooooo rare wild bloom! These beautiful flowers have been taking over all of Southern California as of late. If you are reading this post now and have not seen the bloom, go now! These pretty babies are predicted to go away very very soon. This is the second year in a row I have been blessed to witness them. Last year, we went out to Death Valley National Park (click here for pictures), and this year to Lake Elsinore. 

The flowers can be found on the hiking trail and right along the freeway. We opted out of the hike and just visited the blooms on the side of the road, and it was still a sight! It was quite busy with people from allover trying to get their time with the flowers, but we were still able to find some sweet spots for pictures. I am thankful for friends down for a mini adventure, as well as, allowing me to get my creative juices flowing with them as my photo subject. It was hard to choose, but below are my top picks.

For my wild bloom outfit, I rocked this sample sale purchase from HauteLook, and my go-to easy sandals. Then tied it all in (literally) with this Shop Bexo's Mettle Wrap Around Choker, which you all already know, I absolutely love! It was the perfect outfit for chasing the wildflowers - it was soft enough to not over power the bloom, with still enough quirk from the asymmetrical hem to still stand out. Not to mention, the asymmetry allowed for movement (with and without the wind), which was captured perfectly in these photos. 

Let me know if you got to experience the wild bloom this year, and where! You can never have enough flower power pictures. And here's to hopefully getting another bloom next year!


 {Dress} Romeo and Juliet Couture, via HauteLook | {Shoes} Local Store | {Necklace} Shop Bexo

OOTD Photography by Jenny Tang