Ladies First Event - BAEWATCHOC VLOG & HAUL

I am always down for an event with discounted clothing and live music spinning. I attended Baewatch OC a few weeks ago after seeing some fashion bloggers post about it on their social media. I loved that the event not only had some great vendors that I would not have ever discovered, but some trendy bloggers selling their clothes as well. There were drinks, live music, a good mix of vendors/products, and a damn taco truck (which saved our asses for breakfast).

There is an unexplainable pleasure when you dig through a pile of clothes and discover something you love, AND it doesn't break the wallet. It might be an unhealthy disorder, but I'll take that high over any other one.
On top of starting my great day with tacos, winning a mani, shopping affordable clothing, chitchatting with vendors, and hanging with a good friend, I won the gift bag filled with tons of goodies. Check out all the goodies I bought and won below, plus a haul on the VLOG.
Enjoy lovelies~

 {Sunnies} Nordstrom | {Tee} Ross Dress For Less | {Leggings} Pink Basis | 
{Booties} Ross | {Bucket Bag} Nordstrom Rack

  Goodies! Watch the VLOG for a closeup of my event haul


DIY Sunday: Daisy Crop Top How-To In 3 Easy Steps

I originally made my last daisy DIY crop top because I wanted to figure out a creative way to fix an ill-fitting top. It was a slightly different design to adjust the fit issue (you can see it here), but I wanted to show you an easy way to amp up any top you have. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question! :)

Happy DIYing! Make sure to tag me so I can see your creations.


1. Plain Crop Top ($3.99 @ local boutique)
2. Daisy Trim ~1.5 yards (Available @ Etsy/Ebay/Joanne's Fabric)
3. Scissors
4. Glue Gun
5. Optional - Ruler and Pen
Step 1: Cut the sides off of the crop top. You can mark and use a ruler if you want to be precise, but I free-hand it. In this example, I cut approximately 1 inch from the side seem (2 total including the backside).

Step 2: Plan it out. Figure out how you want it to look and measure it. Take into consideration how stretchy the crop top is. The more inches you cut off on the sides, the more flowers you will need. Remember that the trim does not stretch, only the shirt, so do not make it too small by not using enough trim length. Good rule of thumb is to stretch the piece you cut off and see how much length you would need and add a flower's length on top of that.

Step 3: Make your vision come to life with some hot glue! Even better? It's all washable!

Finished product:

Alternate Design


On Repeat: Pia Mia

Pia Mia on iTunes

Confession. I spent over an hour instagram "stalking" Pia Mia the other day. I stumbled upon her music and wanted to know who and what she was all about. It turns out, she's only 18, from Guam, and is a pretty badass singer. 

Pia Mia's fashion in a nutshell? Cutoff shorts, crop tops, thigh highs, and bandanas. I am pretty confident she has over 100 pairs of thigh high boots and a bandana in every single color known on the face of this planet. You almost rarely see her without a bandana on her head, even on the red carpet (pictured below). I have to say though, I quite like the mashup of the classy wear with the casual head piece.

I have definitely been feeling the urban vibe this week thanks to Pia Mia. Don't be surprised if you see me rocking a bandana and luscious, red lips too. This shows you how fashion inspiration can come in any form, including... instagram stalking! :P



***I do not take any credit for these photos. They do not belong to me.


Current Obsession: Nail Decals

Who doesn't love bananas, unicorns, and all things random?
I am currently obsessing over these nail decals I discovered at a recent event. I got a chance to chat with the creator, Sara M. Lyons, and she helped me easily apply the unicorn you see up there. She explained it applies just as easy as a fake tattoo, but for your nails. She markets herself as a professional weirdo, and you can definitely see her personality through these nail decals. I was sold after seeing the quirky designs and how easy it applied. Water, top coat, BOOM, done.
My initial thought was I could easily cover up any nail mishaps (which happens too often *sad face*) with these decals, and noone would know there was a smudge hiding underneath. It's also a new twist on nail art, and for all us lazy people who want quick, cute nails.
Shop decals and more here at her shop --> http://saramlyons.myshopify.com/ 
Follow @thecomelycloset on Instagram to see all the cute nail decals I'll be posting in the future!
xoxo Lovelies,


Random Musings - Slim/Skinny/Thin Shaming

A new segment that highlights topics or articles that I find interesting or relevant in my life. It will range from food, fashion, lifestyle, and who knows, maybe some politics or... cats. A place I can share my random thoughts, experiences, and hopes to hear your thoughts as well.

Click here to read the article that inspired this post:

Slim shaming/Skinny shaming/Thin Shaming are terms I actually dislike, but will use for the sake of this post. It is something I have experienced countlessly in the past few years. At the time, I did not know what I was going through ... did not know such a thing existed until I read this article, or so I did not know how to put it into words. I have felt those exact feelings the writer discusses, and could remember explaining these feelings to my friends, but not knowing or understanding completely why I felt that way (since being skinny is desirable for a lot of people). Although I am not as angry as the writer, I do have my own frustrations and insecurities when comments arise about my weight. I do believe (and hope) that I am far from looking unhealthy, but I do have a smaller upper frame, that people base lots of judgements on. Little do they know, I do have a larger set bottom (Quick fact: I wore size 8-10 pants at one point in college.. and am now a steady size 5-7). 

Just a quick background... Living in California, I am able to maintain and gain weight (unhealthy weight) because of all the grease and food that are conveniently accessible. While living in China and South Korea, I spent a lot of time cooking my own meals and snacks, which of course were very healthy as I could control exactly what I ingested. For this exact reason, my body reverted back to its smaller, thinner state. Now the comments that were made in those countries were meant to be compliments, but the fact that these comments were made everyday made me feel that it was something so obnoxiously in their faces that they had to comment on it. I do not know about you, but I would love my personality to be the first thing someone notices rather than my size. Of course, cultural differences do play a big factor. Being from the states, I personally prefer more curvacious bodies, but the more I kept hearing these comments, the more self conscious and disgusted I was with my body. Yes, you can be self conscious about being (too) skinny - at least I was at the time. Unfortunately/Fortunately, this is exactly how my body and metabolism is because girllll (or boy) I love to eat! Side note, my metabolism is slowing down with age.. EEP!

Now for something I actually do consider slim shaming.

The absolute, #1, most frustrating thing I encounter over and over again? Having to explain why I want to workout, which is to get fit and healthy, and not to lose weight. People equate working out to losing weight, but losing weight is far from my mind. All I want to do is to be able to walk up some stairs and not hyperventilate, or be able to do a full pushup/pullup. I want to tone up, gain muscles, and increase stability to live a long and healthy life. 
Almost without a fail, when the topic of health or exercising is being discussed in a group and I mention that I need to start working out, somebody looks at me with anger and confusion. They can't quite comprehend why someone of my frame (based on my upper body) would possibly need to workout. I would get comments ranging from "You will disappear if you workout!" or "UGH, you're so freaking skinny already, geez." Some respond in a way as if I am insulting them, which is quite frustrating on my part. And then my whole spiel on how I literally cannot walk down the street without panting, and how I need to get physically fit, not lose weight, blah blah has to happen so they will stop with their comments. Even after the spiel, who knows if they truly believe or understand my point.
With all that being said, I do understand why some may get frustrated. I have been in the presence of many woman who do make comments that they need to lose weight just to fish for compliments.
 I actually wrote this post a few months ago, but was hesitant on posting it for all to read. I know weight is a sensitive topic, and by discussing slim shaming, I am not dispelling any other important body issues out there. I simply wanted to express my occasional frustrations and hope some will be less quick to judge, or even be less hostile towards when these conversations occur.

Old news, but thoughts on France banning skinny models?



Leoness Cellars - Matching Separates

One of the best (in my opinion) trends that went full force this year were matching separates. It went hand in hand with the crop top craze, and I love it! 

I sported this 2 piece to the Leoness Cellar in Temecula for my sister's bachelorette. I strayed away from the typical flowy maxi dress that you see all too often at wine tastings. Since it is a fully stretchy ensemble, I was completely comfortable, which is always a plus at an outing. The only problem? It was raining cats and dogs that day! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day, as it is my sister's wedding day! Please send all your good vibes our way for an unforgettable day for her. Look out for a future post on this beautiful day!

xoxo Lovelies!

 {Hat} H&M | {Top} Papaya, similar dress here | {Skirt} Papaya, similar here | {Sandals} Ross

 Did you know there is 6 of us? The Lai girls. :)


Adventure For One - Madrona Marsh Preserve

A few months ago, I was in search for a mini adventure. I wanted to be one with nature and get a little workout in, so I did exactly what my generation would do...Yelp it. I somehow ended up at the Madrona Marsh Preserve. I was expecting something a little larger and more of a workout, but it was far from. Don't get me wrong, it was a cute plot of land with an information center and interactive activities. Maybe it would have been more of a sight to take in if the drought had not affected it. For more information on the Madrona Marsh Preserve, click here

Enjoy a few GoPro pictures below, unedited. 


{Cap} H&M | {Tank} ? | {Sports Bra} Adidas via Ross | {Leggings} HauteLook | 
{Sneakers} Skechers via Ross