The Formidable Affair

Here's yet another excuse on my part for thecomelycloset taking the backseat to my current life affairs. I have been embarking on a journey that is both daunting and invigorating the past few months (and upcoming months). It has taken most of my time and thoughts, leaving minimal mental capabilities for the blog. It's a decision that has been in deliberation for the past two years, and has finally taken effect. The reason the decision has been simmering for so long? Time and Confidence, or lack thereof.

Short Dialogue
Me: I am thinking of participating in... -insert new experience-
Person #1: HAHAH
Person #2: Why? (with a dumbfounded, wrinkle inducing look on their face)

Those responses were the exact reasons why I hesitated for so long, but were also the exact reasons I did decide on entering this new world. Making a long story short... I want people to know that what you see is very much what you get, but I have so many more aspects to my personality and aspirations in life that I want everybody to understand.  I have grown into a woman with lots of passions, and a want to make a positive impact in someone's life, even the tiniest, unnoticeable impact matters. I am no longer that moody kid vying for attention that my family still views me as, or just that tomboy pretending no hurtful words could affect me, nor that struggling student who could not figure out what to do in college. Do not get me wrong, I most likely do portray those personalities (unfortunately) here and there, but would like to think they are much more refined now (is that even possible? - HAH!). I am slowly gaining the confidence in myself that I can do well, and to finally share the news to people other than my family and a handful of friends.

Now, lets leave behind the sap, and speed up this post. Below are some bullet points of some other reasons I decided to participate in the Miss Chinatown, Los Angeles pageant. Yes, a pageant. With all them frills, intense charm school coaches, and world peace.

1. A foundation to make an impact, be a role model, and to inspire.
2. Opens the door to meeting new people and making new friends.
3. Stepping stone to more philanthropic work and to participate in my community.
4. A big push out of my comfort zone for my personal development, achievements, and there will be no regrets because I tried and am doing my best. 
5. New experience I would love to share with my future children, nieces, and nephews to show them that even scary challenges can be accomplished and proven to be an amazing journey.

Let's get back to the fashion portion of this post. Each year, the previous pageant court will plan a charity fashion show, while the new contestants model the clothes. This year, the proceeds will be going to a non-profit organization called Creativity Heals. Their mission is to promote empowerment, self-discovery, and self-worth to youth who have experienced trauma through creativity and self-expression. If you believe in this cause, or just want to watch a fun fashion show, please consider checking it out.

Date: January 10, 2015
Time: 11:00am - 2:30pm
Price: $50

If you are interested, feel free to email me at thecomelycloset@gmail.com for more information or for tickets.


My Fall Bag

A more close-up look of my outfit the other week at my friend's baby shower, as well as showing off my new fall Sole Society handbag that I am in love with!

This peplum top was one of those love at first sight items that I had to buy, and thank goodness it was on sale. I love the print and the cut of the top. The only regret I have is that I did not wear it more often in the summer, and now it's a tad too cold to be wearing it alone. Paired this top with my usual tuxedo scuba knit pants and some comfy thrifted heels.

My fall bag is a beaut isn't it? I only wished it was slightly more structured, since I am not the best at maintaining the quality of a bag. I dump everything and anything into it, and toss it wherever I can, so I do not expect this purse to hold it's shape very long, but please wish me luck with that! 

I am not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but my mother complimented my bag as I was walking out of the door this morning. Do you hold your mother's taste in clothes/accessories at a high esteem? I am curious to know! :)

{Top} Zara | {Bottoms} Pink Basis | {Handbag} Sole Society | {Heels} Mossimo via Goodwill


Baby Shower Brunch

Congratulations to our dearest Jane and her hubby on their expecting baby boy! It was a great honor to have been a part of the baby shower and contributing to this wonderful day. There were decorations, balloons, floral arrangements, games, prizes, and great company. It could not have been on a more perfect day in Los Angeles, with no gloom or coldness in sight.

The event was held at a cute little corner brunch spot named Faith & Flower that serve tapas-like brunch dishes to share with the group. The food was delicious and the interior decorating was on point between a classy, quaint, and vintage joint. 

Below are some detail snapshots of some of the little details, and of course pictures of our expecting mother!

Diaper Cake - By Muah :)


 Beautiful people for a beautiful occasion


Sole Society Sample Sale Haul

Sales will be the death of me.

I can never pass up on a great deal - my number one weakness. When I found out that Sole Society was having a sample sale AND they are located just a few blocks from my work place, I had to check it out. I have to admit that I somewhat splurged on this day. All these items were more of an investment for me, rather than something I actually needed at the moment. After the quick 30 minute shopping spree, I felt total regret, but now that a week has gone by... I'm in a much better place about these purchases. :D

These were all 50% off or more. Now let's see what I got!

 Heels $20

Weekend Bag $35

 Sunglasses $5. All jewelry $9

Handbag $32


It's Layering Time!

With Black Friday around the corner and this terrible chilly weather hitting us hard, I do believe it is time to layer up and toastify ourselves. Yes, I just made that word up, and I quite like it. It oddly makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside thinking about getting toastified!

I just want to wrap myself in some glorious, warm faux fur and snuggle until I pass out from euphoria.

Here are my top picks for some affordable outerwear from Choies.com.

*This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions and writing are 100% mine.


Thrifting Gear

I do tend to have my girly days, but we cannot forget my tomboy days. For some odd reason, I find it so invigorating and empowering to dress as a boy, of course, with a girls' refinement.

Thrifting requires a lot of bending, digging, and searching through racks, which is why I suggest being completely comfortable. Minus the upgrade from the booties in these pictures, this outfit is what I call my thrifting gear - A nice comfy pair of pants, tee, a backpack for all your stuff, a cap to keep your hair and the sun out of your way, and some layers, in case it gets chilly. 

Now, you are on your way to a great thrifting experience! 

{Tee} Forever21 | {Flannel} Thrifted | {Pants} Ross | {Backpack} Gifted | {Booties} Ross | {Cap} H&M


Thigh High Boots

Fall Thigh High Outfits

Welcome November! It is so strange how the weather drastically changed here in Cali. We were experiencing warm weather up until Halloween hit. Then suddenly, rain came and now this fall gloom and chill. At least, with chilly weather comes warm and cozy clothes!

I have been searching for some suede thigh high boots for quite some time now, and I just purchased a pair! I am still uncertain on whether they are "the one", but they are still pretty darn cute. Unfortunately, I view thigh highs as one of those things that should not be bought excessively this season. So of course, searching for "the one" is quite important for me, especially with the colder weather coming in quick.

Hopefully, I can decide on whether to keep this pair I purchased at Target (on sale in stores now), so I can start wearing them! But in the meanwhile, I shall lust over styling them with the help of the internet. Above, I styled two different outfits I would wear with my new thigh highs. The number 1 option is the epitome of cozy, with all those knit attire and that cozy shearling jacket. Option number 2, is a classier outfit with that amazing asymmetrical circle skirt. I absolutely love styling others (and myself), so I hope this inspires someone, somewhere.

Let me know which outfit you like the best! Happy November all! :)