Happy First Day of Summer!

Although we are in a perpetual summer here in Los Angeles, it is still quite exciting to welcome its' first day! It is in full force as we are experiencing 100+ degree weather right now! Be expecting more short dresses, short shorts, and a whole 'lotta skin on the blog this summer :P

There is something so mesmerizing by a structured masculine vest, and especially in a feminine pop of pink color. Typically, I would wear this piece in the fall with some pants.. but seeing as this heat is relentless, let's remove the pants altogether and switch it up into a dress instead! I threw in one of my handmade body chains for that little bit of eye candy, and some buckled, black wedges for that touch of edge. Whenever I wear anything leaning towards the girly side, I always accessorize with an edgier piece, which is where I feel the most comfortable with in my style. 

Wishing you all the best summer this 2016 and hope you make unforgettable memories with your loved ones! 


{Body Chain} thecomelycloset

Location: Las Vegas Strip
 When your popper fails...


Desert Vibes - Seven Magic Mountains

If you happen to find yourself taking a road trip to Las Vegas this summer, be sure to keep an eye out for a bunch of stacked neon rocks in the middle of the desert! This art exhibit is called Seven Magic Mountains and created by Ugo Rondinone. I was able to visit it last weekend in all its neon glory before the unfortunate vandalism. The exhibit has only been opened to the public for about 4 weeks now, and already it's been tainted... Thankfully, I had the opportunity to visit and capture it in its original state. 

It seems I have been rocking a lot of desert-vibe outfits as of late, which can only mean Summer is nearing! Wearing yet another outfit that cost me less than $50, which is a great feeling, especially when you can mix and match all these pieces 'til no end. The white bodysuit I am wearing is a great piece to layer with, and combined with the cozy olive shorts makes for the perfect road trip outfit. What makes this outfit lean towards desert chic and not your everyday lazy clothes? The lug sole boots. Anytime you wear a pair of lug sole boots, it automatically adds a bit of ruggedness to the entire ensemble. Throw in a touch of Bryce Canyon memorabilia and you are good to go!


{Bodysuit & Shorts} Local Boutqiue | {Sunnies} thecomelycloset Poshmark | {Boots} Ross Dress For Less | {Bandana} Bryce Canyon National Park


LA Spots: The Broad

If you ever find yourself traveling to Los Angeles, be sure to check out The Broad. Make sure to reserve your free tickets online first, since they are booked a few months out already. I have been a few times now, and overall enjoy it all. I consider it a quick trip that ranges from 1-2 hours. The #1 exhibit? The Infinity Mirrored Room. Unfortunately, you have to reserve tickets same day, and they go very quick. They only allow you 45 seconds in the room alone, but it is quite beautiful. I won't post a picture here, as I'm sure you all have seen it throughout your social medias :)



Japan Diaries - Tokyo Outfits & Packing Tips

Japan seems to be a popular destination these days, especially since a few amazing flight ticket sales have surfaced the past few months. Of course, I had to take advantage of the sale, and saw myself in Japan a month later. We visited Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka during our trip, which I cannot wait to share with you all in some upcoming posts/videos - keep an eye out! :)


When it comes to traveling and maximizing on sightseeing, it's important to (1) pack light and (2) pack comfortably - all while maintaining your sense of style. Sounds a bit difficult doesn't it? Well, I did just that with only a carry-on and more than enough outfits to last me during my trip. Let me tell you just how I achieved that.

First and foremost, you must figure out your staple pieces during your trip. Let's face it, there is no sense in packing 10 different jackets for your trip, so you must narrow it down to that one (or 2 max) go-to jackets that you can wear for the entirety of your trip. It is in your best interest to keep this piece neutral, like my Fur Collar Jacket from Tobi, which can be dressed up or down. This can apply towards anything else in your suitcase, such as staple hats, pants, shoes, etc.

Secondly, be sure to focus on lightweight pieces that can be easily rolled and packed tightly into your suitcase. Rather than packing that one big knit sweater, go for a thinner one that can go over a shirt/tank and under a light cardigan. The factor that makes it work and keeps you warm is the layering affect. Having these 3 easy to roll and pack layers will save you much more space than a heavy knit sweater. For example, instead of packing 5 pairs of jeans, I opted for easier to pack leggings and my Harley Lace-Up Pants. We know denim is heavier and harder to pack, so providing yourself other lightweight pant options is key.

Lastly, Mix n' Match! With your staple pieces in mind, figure out all the different combinations you can create with other pieces. You want to pack integral pieces that can allow you at minimum, two different outfits. For example, my olive Shannara Maxi Dress alone with some sandals is one outfit, and mixing it up with a sweater over and some sneakers completely alters the look, giving you your 2nd outfit. You want to stray away from pieces that can only provide you one look, unless you plan to rock it multiple times. 

Stick with these tips and you'll be sure to travel both comfortably and stylishly! Check out some of my Tokyo OOTD's below, enjoy!



{Beanie} Japan Store | {Jacket} Ross Dress For Less | {Shirt} Nordstrom Rack
{Pants} c/o Tobi | {Backpack} Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack | {Shoes} Nike


{Jacket} c/o Tobi | {Dress} c/o Tobi | {Backpack} Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack | 
{Shoes} Mixx Shuz via Nordstrom Rack | {Sunnies} Cotton On

Photography by Jamie Lai

Make sure to check out what else Tobi has to offer below. 


Weekend Mantra - Bitch, Relax

Starting the Spring season with the must-have florals and tons of SAS.

Things have been picking up for me recently, which explains the many packed backpacks, duffel bags, and suitcases exploding at home. I am constantly on-the-go, so I do need reminders every so often to tell me to slow the heck down, i.e. this tank. Statement tees are great for expressing your current mood or just showing a peak into your personality and humor. If you see me running around town in this tank, know that I'm in a sassy mood in need of a break! I am hoping I can get a mini breather this weekend before my trip to Japan next week. With that being said, there are still many promised functions I need to attend and lots of errands to run!
Bitch, relax. 'Nuff said.

{Top} c/o Fshion.Me | {Skirt} Sample Sale | {Shoes} Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack } | {Necklace} thecomelycloset