All Purple'd Out

I am not sure if you are noticing some shifts in style on my blog as of late... but I came to a realization that my taste has been evolving these past few weeks. I am so thoroughly fascinated by it because if you knew me, I found true comfort in trend driven styles with a touch of edge. These days, I am absolutely loving more sleek and chic pieces, nothing new, but I have been styling them without the edge! I am almost shocked at myself for this sudden shift. I believe it could be attributed to the new cheerful weather, my upcoming tropical vacation, and age :X 

This blog was created as a creative outlet and a way for me to reminisce events and styles throughout the years. Looking forward to those "Wow! I cannot believe I used to wear that" moments. OR when my future children are into a certain fashion scene and I can say, "Hey, I am cooler than you because I wore these styles way before you did!" Apparently, I created this blog subconsciously to embarrass my future kids. :P 

These photos were taken in a beautiful home my friend rented out from AirBnB. The home was modern with beach-side decor, which I loved! I would recommend this home to anyone looking for a remote place out in Northern California, somewhat near Napa Valley (in case you are visiting for wine tasting). It was the perfect setting for this outfit, as it had both beautiful pops of color that complemented the purple and pristine white rooms to showcase the purple.

Going into this outfit, I already knew I wanted to play matchy matchy with similar hues. When this pretty purple sweater first caught my eye, I knew purple was the way to go this weekend! I already had my handy cat crossbody arriving from AliExpress, and then I finished it all off with matching socks. The key in playing with matching hues is to choose a neutral color to break it up somewhere, and in this case, my white jumpsuit. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it! 


Do Not Disturb - Wine Tasting at Castello di Amarosa

On Vacation Mode. Do. Not. Disturb. - That was my motto this past weekend. I traveled up north towards Napa Valley to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was a great getaway from work, and jumping into a completely different world - NorCal. It's funny how the environment and vibe is so polar opposite in the same state. We were also blessed with the perfect weather, which allowed us to have a great picnic and wine tasting. 

Our picnic and charcuterie board was nothing short of amazing. Each one of us provided something to the table, and it ended up being a colorful and delicious meal. Boy, did I eat a lot of cheese! Before I move on from this cute setup, I just want to mention how delicious the Strawberries and Cream Cake was from Nothing Bundt Cake. It was ridiculously moist (even the next day in the fridge!), and not over the top sweet either. I would highly recommend this cake.

Unfortunately, I am far from a wine connoisseur, so I am limited in describing each wine I had, other than whether I enjoyed it or not... :X However, we did visit Castello di Amorosa, which is literally a castle on a hill, with a moat and everything! After some research, I learned that the castle was built 20 years ago purposely as a wine tasting location. We paid $25 dollars for the wine tasting that let us try 5 different glasses only sold at the vineyard. I enjoyed it all, but my favorites have to be the "Zingaro" and "Il Brigante" - all reds of course.

With that being said, we could not miss out on the opportunity to take a few photos at the castle. The highlight of my outfit was my sequined floppy hat that said "do not disturb". I could not leave home without it as it fit perfectly at the vineyards, and protected me from the sun. From there I wore a cozy romper over this strawberry crop top I got from Forever 21. I finished the whole look with my holographic sandals from Korea. The little details, such as the sequins, strawberries, and holographics added that perfect bit of quirk to my otherwise classy, cozy look! This entire look cost me roughly $50, including pieces I have owned for a few years now. You should be breaking your wallet on your experiences and not your outfit, it's possible (but hard I know)!


{Hat} Ross Dress For Less{Top} Forever21 | {Romper} Nordstrom Rack
{Sandals} Korea - similar here | {Sunglasses} ZeroUV

The Wild Bloom - Lake Elsinore, CA

Hellooooo rare wild bloom! These beautiful flowers have been taking over all of Southern California as of late. If you are reading this post now and have not seen the bloom, go now! These pretty babies are predicted to go away very very soon. This is the second year in a row I have been blessed to witness them. Last year, we went out to Death Valley National Park (click here for pictures), and this year to Lake Elsinore. 

The flowers can be found on the hiking trail and right along the freeway. We opted out of the hike and just visited the blooms on the side of the road, and it was still a sight! It was quite busy with people from allover trying to get their time with the flowers, but we were still able to find some sweet spots for pictures. I am thankful for friends down for a mini adventure, as well as, allowing me to get my creative juices flowing with them as my photo subject. It was hard to choose, but below are my top picks.

For my wild bloom outfit, I rocked this sample sale purchase from HauteLook, and my go-to easy sandals. Then tied it all in (literally) with this Shop Bexo's Mettle Wrap Around Choker, which you all already know, I absolutely love! It was the perfect outfit for chasing the wildflowers - it was soft enough to not over power the bloom, with still enough quirk from the asymmetrical hem to still stand out. Not to mention, the asymmetry allowed for movement (with and without the wind), which was captured perfectly in these photos. 

Let me know if you got to experience the wild bloom this year, and where! You can never have enough flower power pictures. And here's to hopefully getting another bloom next year!


 {Dress} Romeo and Juliet Couture, via HauteLook | {Shoes} Local Store | {Necklace} Shop Bexo

OOTD Photography by Jenny Tang

First Day of Spring - Welcoming it with a Punch!

Happy first day of Spring! Nothing like welcoming it with a big solid neon punch in the gut. The weather has been very down the past few months, but with Spring around the corner, it is finally looking up and sunny. I wanted to celebrate by bringing out some bright colors for the occasion. 

I realized I am sporting a few sample sale items in this outfit, which I highly recommend for getting great pieces at a fraction of the price. Both the top and skirt were $5 sample sale finds purchased at different locations. My oh so worn denim jacket, which is not a stranger to this blog, is from Free People via Nordstrom Rack. And adding to the pop of chartreuse is my H&M crossbody bag. To finish it all off, I paired my ensemble with these adorable leather, pointed toe flats. 

If you are interested in more than just photos, check out the video below, edited by my friend. All details listed below, per usual.

Here's to Spring treating us all well!


 {Jacket} Free People via Nordstrom Rack | {Sunnies} Korea | {Top} Bebe |  {Skirt} Romeo & Juliet via HauteLook | {Crossbody} H&M | {Flats} Maumero | {Accessories} Pins from NAccessories, Necklace from ShopBexo

On Trend - Embroidery


It has begun, and I ain't mad about it. My hottest picks for the hottest trend this season. I cannot wait to fill my closet up with more embroidery! Click on the link above to find where you can get these pieces.


The Great Outdoors

It took me a while to figure out what exactly I wanted to say in this post. To make it about fashion, about the experience I had on my trip, or even gear it towards my current day-to-day life. However, with recent current events, I wanted to highlight the beauty of the outdoors. 

I have been traveling around to different National Parks for about 2 years now. It is a personal goal of mine to visit as many as I can in this lifetime. Words cannot express the feelings I had when I hiked my very first trail at Zion National Park. It completely took my breath away and will forever be an absolute favorite place of mine. 

There has been recent attempts to harm the environment and stop preventative measures in the upkeep of our National Parks. It is a dangerous time for my generation and the next ones to come. It is a time we have to voice ourselves to protect the environment, but most importantly, to protect those awe-inspiring moments we encounter with the beautiful outdoors.

This post is my pledge to continue to travel to these places and share them with you all. It is also a pledge that I will work on the backlog of images/video footage of all the places I have been to. These upcoming outdoor posts will sure keep me busy this year, but with the uncertainty of our future, the urgency is heightened and the beauty must be shared as soon as possible. I hope by sharing these moments and experiences, your eyes will be opened to the importance of protecting our environment and National Parks. Please hold me accountable for catching up on my backlog this year and keep an eye out for more outdoor posts to come. 
Click here for the official National Park website
Click here to learn more about the EPA 

{Beanie} Japan | {Sweater} Sammy Dress | {Necklace} Handmade

Location: Joshua Tree
Photographer: Adam Quirch

Last Minute Valentine's Gift Guide For Him

Valentine's Day is just a day away! Now, if you do not have Amazon Prime or do not want to spend extra on that overnight shipping for those last minute gifts, here are some quick ideas, courtesy of the boo.

1. Couple's Massage - This is something you can easily book online (and even with a great deal via Groupon). Just write a sweet card with your plans in it, and whala~.

2. A nice dress shirt - "A man can never have enough dress shirts" - The Boo. If your man is not a dress shirt type of man, get him a nice button down or shirt. You can literally grab one from any store around you. 
 Button Down via Target

3. Coffee Mug/Tumbler - You can either get him a nice sleek mug, or one with a cute saying on it that can either be sentimental or funny. Certain things like "You're The Boss" or "Coffee because adulting is hard".
Mug via Target. 

4. Cap or Hat of their favorite team - The cap could even be something sentimental to them. It's easy and it shows them that you listen and know their interests. 

5. Cook him dinner! - Nothing shows you care more by whipping up a yummy meal. And the best thing about this? You don't actually have to think of a gift! What's even easier is if you decide to do hotpot! All preparation and zero cooking involved. :)

Hope this helps in your last minute effort to show him you care, even if you are a procrastinator! Don't fret, he'll never know the difference. It'll be our secret... :)