Dress For Less Ross Mini Haul

By now, you all must know I love shopping at affordable places. If it's not thrifted, then it is highly reduced on sale OR it's Ross! I cannot express how much I love Ross and all the great deals I have found there. Almost every item I have purchased from Ross has gotten me a compliment, and each time, the compliment-er says they must check Ross out. This makes me believe that a lot of you still do not see the wonders in Ross, so check it out! Okay, I will stop with my pro-Ross brainwashing banter. :)

A tip I would suggest at Ross? If you feel overwhelmed there, then just check out the small area of sale items for each rack category, for a quicker and much more satisfying shopping experience. I always hit those sections first to find the EVEN more reduced items, and I always find something I would wear religiously.

Enjoy my mini-haul and I would love to know if you share the same love for Ross as I do!

Yes, Weekend Tank $8

Scalloped Shorts$7
Printed Lazy Pants $8
Lazy Pants #2 $9
Sam Edelman Booties $35

Total - $67
Average per item - $13.40

Weekend Outfit + Handmade Body Chain by Muah (click here for some goods)


DIY Sunday - Bunny Ears, No Sew

If you follow me on instagram (here), then you know I love rocking my bunny ears in all shapes and form. I have these wire ones I purchased while living in Korea, some DIY ones, a bunny ear beanie, and just anything in the shape of cute animal ears that I can put on my head.

Today, I will show you step-by-step on how to make your own. It is quite easy peasy with 15 quick steps and no sew involved. It really could have been just 5 steps, but for the sake of showing you how easy it is, it is broken down even more. They make great gifts and can simply amp up the cute factor in any outfit. Come on this DIY journey with me to get "Asianfied"! :)

Fabric of your choice (roughly 36"x5"), Scissors, Iron, Fabric Tape/Adhesive, Wire

1. Measure/cut 36" length. I wrote 36" as a standard length, but for best results, measure exactly how much you need to wrap around your head, to twist, and have whatever length ears you desire.
2. Measure/cut 5" width. Since making a few in 5", I personally have come to the conclusion that it is much cuter at a thinner width. As an after thought, I would suggest 3" width.
3. With the right side of fabric facing up, apply the fabric tape on one side across the length as close to the edge as possible.
4. Iron the fabric tape (before peeling the top layer off) so it adheres to the fabric.

5. Remove the top layer of the fabric tape.
6. Turning the fabric wrong side up, fold both sides 0.5" or to the size of the fabric tape (now the fabric tape is back to facing up).
7. Fold the entire fabric in half so no raw hems are visible. Fabric is now facing right side up all around.
8. Once everything is all lined up, iron the fabric flat so both sides are now attached by the fabric tape. Now a tube has been formed.

 9. Snip both ends of the tube to create a point. This will be the bunny ears.
10. Iron on a piece of fabric tape to each pointed end.
11. Fold in only one end, so there is no longer any raw hem and it is now closed. Do not seal both ends, leave one opened.
12. Measure/cut the wire to be the length of the tube plus an additional 2".

13. Twist the ends of the wire (1" worth), so the now dull ends can no longer poke through the fabric.
14. Slip the wire all the way in the tube through the opened end.
15. Repeat step 11 by sealing the last opened end and WHALA~.

 Final Product

Mew loves to entertain me while I craft! She's obsessed with fighting with fabric...
 Asian peace sign, OUT!


Melrose Trading Post Flea Market - Fairfax

It is pretty amazing how accessories can really change the feeling of an outfit. This simple black dress is actually my go-to "roll out of bed and don't want to think about it" dress. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. It is for those days you want to look presentable, but not put a single thought into it. I must have many of those days because I have been wearing this dress like no other recently. 

Got a bit side tracked on how lazy I can be.. Anywho, as I was saying, accessories are the best for making use of a single piece and transforming it into multiple ways. This body chain does just that. Although the entire ensemble is quite casual, just to spice things up, I added this handmade body chain to my outfit. 

I whipped this body chain up a few months ago. It was quite random, but I had a design in my head and had to make it. Probably made it in 20 minutes or so, and spent the time mostly measuring it against my body. It turned out quite well and I am currently obsessed. :)

I visited the Melrose Flea Market this past Sunday for the very first time. I have been wanting to go for quite some time now, but my long drive out to Melrose kept me back. It costs $3 per person entry fee, and consists of handmade jewelry vendors, vintage clothing, and lots of furniture. I scored a great midi, mesh insert skirt and a gorgeous velvet dress. Cannot wait to style them for you all! Enjoy my day at the Melrose Flea Market with Sarjabeans below.

 Mexican food break time.
 Live music.
 A few vendors.

Street Art

I am Groot!

 Outfit of the Day :)
 {Sunnies} Aliexpress | {Dress} Urban Outfitters | {Sandals/Handbag} Ross | 
{Body Chain} thecomelycloset 

Photo by: Sarjabeans


Sunday Frills

It's always fun to have a super frilly and girly dress day, and this past Sunday was that day for me. I wore my daisy halter top with my pleated white skirt, and finished it off with my brown booties that I have not worn in ages! 

I got to hang out with a few good friends that day and the highlight of the day? Hanging out with my friend's cutiepie corgi, Maybe! (Check my Instagram out for a picture of Maybe or here for her own personal Instagram!) She is such an adorable dog and just the sweetest! Any suggestions on other cute dogs I must follow in the social media world? Let me know!

Have a great weekend all <3

Top - $15
Skirt - $10
Shoes - $15
Necklace - DIY
Total $35



{Top} OOTDfash | {Skirt} Korea Boutique | {Booties} Ross | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset

Photo by: j5tang



And now we have finally reached the last bit of photos from last weekend. It is bittersweet, but all good things have to come to an end.

When the day was finally over, we headed on over to Far Bar for a quick dinner and some shots in our "Girls's Night Out" outfits. I have been to Far Bar once before, but just for drinks. To my surprise, the food was delicious! My waitress was also amazing because she was able to make my peach ice tea alcoholic... ;) I recommend this place for a nice low key hangout spot.

My outfit included this black blazer I have owned for over 5 years now, along with an on sale Pacsun asymmetrical skirt, and a lace bustier for some extra pizazz. :)

Below are also some behind the scenes shots. Enjoy! :)

Photographer for the day - Tyler Levey

The A Team.

The lovely makeup artist - Sarah Park

Hair and Assistant for the day - Kai and Paolo

We found an elephant man in the streets of Los Angeles!

Have a great week lovelies! :)