Acid Wash Tuesday

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Apparently, I like to take pictures with one arm raised up... haha. Well, Happy Teacher's Day! Since it was teacher's day here in Korea, I got to go home early from work. This gave me the opportunity to soak in this gorgeous weather that has been missing this past week. Both my top and bottom are clothes I've bought over 2 years ago. Yay for re-wearing clothes in new and different ways :]

In my photos, you can see that I wore my long tank in 3 different ways.
1. All tucked in, in the front, so the tank is given an asymmetrical look. Clean-cut look.
2. Only one side is tucked in and the rest is left dangling. Relaxed "I just ran out the door" look.
3. The tank is gathered to one side and knotted. Different-edgier look.

Reasons I love this tank:
1. It can be worn in many different ways.
2. Long and baggy (my favorite type of clothing).
3. The braided detailed back.
4. Thin and light-weight material.
5. It has lasted me for more than 2 years and I still consistently wear it.

To watch a video of this outfit, please check out my youtube channel "thecomelycloset" or click on this link Acid Wash Tuesday Video

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