DIY Bleached/Distressed Denim

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 Hi! So this is my first attempt at making my own bleached and distressed shorts! I have to say... I think I was pretty successful for my first time!

The only problems I have with my shorts are the fact that I accidentally snagged the distressed part and ripped the white threads (as you can see in my picture), and so its just a big hole now, BUT since it is the whole distressed look, it looks alright. The second problem I had was that I didn't realize that you should bring the bleaching part up higher in the back because of the butt. So I had to go over it twice and add a bit more bleach on the top of the backside, which ruined my whole gradient effect for the backside. But other than that, I think my ombre look for the front looks amazing!

If anybody has any questions on how I did this, please just ask :D

Here is my video documenting my "first try" experience.

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  1. This helped Alot . But it's just one part I am stuck on is the bleaching part . My "shorts" turned yellow not white . What should I do ?

    1. Hi! Sorry, just only read this now! I think you might be referring to the drying process? While it was drying it turned an ugly yellow, but once its COMPLETELY dry it should turn white! If this is the case, then you would have already figured it out, but if its still yellow.. Then I suggest bleaching it again! Hope this is helpful even though its 3 months late.. :/

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