Pretty in Pink

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Hi! Another look from my summer lookbook! This one is more fun, relaxed, and girly. I'm not too sure why.. everytime I wear a tulle-like skirt.. I want to be a ballerina! Sorry for all the ballerina awkwardness! haha I bought this pink skirt for only 5,000 won in Korea. When I first brought it home and started trying it out.. it didn't work out for some reason.. everytime I wore it and paired it with a different top, I couldn't get over how much the skirt reminded me of a night gown. But for some reason, on this miraculous day, I finally fell ABSOLUTELY in love with this skirt! I hope I don't have anymore "night gown" horror stories in the future! I just felt so girly and fresh in this outfit. YAY for freshness! :D

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