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Photo credit to this floating lady, G.Wei Photography.

So, confession. I have not been posting on here because of my laziness. I guess that's not entirely true, but now that I am back in America (and yes, I am back - realized I have failed to mention that) I've been feeling not so inspired.

Reasons that I have not been posting:
1. I hate the set up in my room where I can't take any decent photos myself. 
2. I misplaced my tripod.
3. Uninspired by my wardrobe.
4. A bit scared of what friends and family would think of my blog (It is still a secret to them, but I am slowly coming out about it)
5. Bad luck with capturing good lighting/No time.

Okay, these are not legitimate reasons to stop posting on my blog. However, I have been getting a lot of support from some of my friends (although I still feel a bit judged..) and that is the reason why I am posting again! A big thanks to Ms. Photographer herself for offering to help me! That was a big push I needed because...

1. I no longer have to confine myself to my room. 2. I don't need a tripod now that I have a friend to help 3. Working at my new job allows me to purchase clothes for cheap 4. Being supported by close friends gives me a boost of confidence 5. Making time available now that a friend is involved to do these "activities" together.

Anyhow, on to the pictures! We went to Santa Anita Park to capture my "come-back" pictures :P It was a gorgeous day, and I think we did well! This session has made me excited for all our future sessions, hopefully once a weekend :) Please look forward to seeing a bit more of my personal style.

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