Embracing the Grunge.

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 Sniffling Faces:

Photo of the Day:

DISCLAIMER: Those are not my ass cheeks! :)

Spent the day by the 605 Freeway in an aqueduct. First time here and it was perfect for a photo-op. Only thing was... it was SKETCHY beyond belief. Random people just hanging about, popular homeless sleeping location, and it does seem like the perfect place for a drug deal (not that I know anything about that!). There were a few more spots here that I would love to take advantage of as a backdrop, so keep the good weather coming!

One last note, this blog and the pictures that I take are just for me. Its so I can update my blog with something I really enjoy doing, but do not necessarily want to be so public about. And yes, I do understand my blog is on the internet for the world to see, but posting and updating is entirely for my personal enjoyment, not for others. When I go take these photos, I do not want a whole spectacle of it, and would hope people would respect my decision to keep these so-called "photo shoots" quick and private.

Just a short rant.


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  1. omgerdddd AMY LAII~!! I'm loving your posts :)!! you are inspiring mee!! hehehe but how does this work?? LOL am I only allowed to comment on stuff? I wish there was a like button >< hahaha

    1. Sarah!! you founddd meeeee! haha or did i tell you.. hmm.. anywho, i have no idea about a like button ><" i'm a noob still too and still working on making it better looking!