Meeting Anne Hathaway!

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Okay, so technically, I did not actually MEET Anne Hathaway, HOWEVER, let me just state that I could have if I was persistant. Let me explain. I was having dinner with my lovely friends at Shojin in Little Tokyo, when suddenly Anne Hathaway and her husband walked in and sat at the table right next to us. Yes, I was sweating like a beast. My friend "could have stretched out her arm and touched her." We were that close. 

They were obviously there to have a romantic dinner together, so we decided to let them be and enjoy themselves. Of course, I had to have some sort of memento from the night, and what better than Anne Hathaway signing her comments on the restaurant right beneath mine and my friends. 

Back to my day before Anne Hathaway entered my life. Earlier in the day I went to a jjimjilbang with my niece. Before that we went and ate at Foo Foo Tei, which is absolutely delicious and highly recommended! The jjimjilbang made me realize how much I missed Korea and my friends! It was so soothing, and I still feel uber clean til this day (1.5 days later). After rushing like crazy after spending the day with my niece, G.Wei Photography and I pulled a "Quickie at Zamora Park" - this would have been the title of this post, if it wasn't for Anne Hathaway's awesomeness.

Until next week... :)

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