The Beatles

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 Behind The Scenes:

"I whip my hair back and forth~"

 {Flanel} F21 | {Top} H&M | {Shorts} F21 | {Shoes} Steve Madden

I pride myself in always re-wearing all my clothes, both old and new. People may think that those who decide to capture their outfits and style publicly always shop and wear their new clothes, but I am not that case. I am MISERABLY POOR. :D An average Amy. 

Don't misunderstand though - I LOVE TO SHOP. However, I am always looking for good deals, and also shopping at 2nd hand stores (and not because it is the new thing to do). I'm also not the type to buy something just because it is the current trend - I buy, keep, recycle. 

Maybe one day I'll be able to binge shop all the time, but until that day... I hope you guys enjoy seeing my recycled items in different ways :)

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