it's a bargain! Goodwill Hunting - April 2013

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 Ralph Lauren Tweed Coat $5.99
 Izod Quilted Jacket $9.99
 Extremely soft Bill Crosby Sweater $5.99
Pink Champion Exercise Top $1.99
Red Knit Vest $2.99
Shiny Black Tight Crop Top $2.99

I sort of want to start a segment named.. "It's a Bargain!" (In a 90's game show host voice) If you know me, I absolutely love bargains and deals and do not mind the search what-so-ever. Granted I have to be in the mood to dig. I pretty much only shop bargains 90% of the time :X I would splurge on items that are to die for, but for the most part love to find the best deals! 

#1 find this month? A RALPH LAUREN TWEED COAT! The lining on the inside is all ripped up, but the outside seems new. I can definitely fix the lining myself, and make it work! 

The Izod jacket was something that I figured I would need on those lazy days I need to stay warm or as an outer layering piece. 

My Bill Crosby sweater is LOVE. I wore it this past weekend and everybody commented that I was in the 80's, but I don't mind one bit. It is soft, comfortable, and awesome!

I also bought a work out top to motivate me.. but that hasn't happened yet.. The other two items were just so cheap that I figured it doesn't hurt to own more knit vests and a random glitzy top I can mix and match with other things! 

I feel like I rambled a lot.. but that's only because I was extremely extremely happy with my findings! Can't wait to take some photos on how I would wear these pieces :)

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