Urth Cafe :)

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{Top} Goodwill | {Bottom, Necklace} F21 | {Shoes} H&M | {Sunnies} Ray Bans

Gorgeous urban location just around the corner of Urth Cafe. It was my first time shooting with T.Taro, and I loved it! "OHH YEAHHH" was the phrase of the day! 

Wore my $3 Goodwill top, a skirt I've had for 4 years now, and wedges I wear religiously for comfortability.

That day had a roller coaster of emotions, but overall, had an AMAZING day! Wasn't going to let this one incident damper my day! (You will see what it is in my next vlog... :/ )

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  1. You have nice bracelet :) Btw, in finland we alcohol!