Bring Me the Night

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Can't wait until the weather cools down a bit more here in LA, so I can bust out my trousers and get more. Obsessed with this printed pant from H&M that a friend found in the sale section for me for only $10. These pants were actually a tad too long, but thankfully I have a seamstress for a mother, and she helped me hem them. I still wish they fit a little better around my hips though.. but heck, you can't complain for that price! 

Finished off the look with a $7 Nordstrom Rack top, my beloved Zara heels, and my usual jewelry. 

Lastly, I would like to note that I am finally feeling a bit more confident about this blog. I have been privately blogging for a few years now (on different social media platforms)... if strangers come across it then I wouldn't mind it, but I would never publicly display my blogs or posts anywhere, even with my friends and family. I am becoming more and more proud of this blog and actually want people to view it and give me feedback.  

I am still not at the point of exclaiming to the world about my blog, but with one step at a time, I promise I'll get there. 

I promise to post regularly, and if you enjoy my personal style feel free to leave a comment or subscribe :)

Lots of promises were just made.. let's hope I can keep them! ::fingerscrossed::

It's funny what cameras can catch. derp.
 {Top} Nordstrom Rack | {Bottoms} H&M | {Heels} Zara

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