Instapost: DIY Gone Wrong - August 18, 2013

2:47 PM thecomelycloset 0 Comments

My outfit from this past Friday! Went to work in this get up and realized half way through the day.. That there was a hole in my shorts right smack at the center of my butt... The good thing is that my underwear matched the color of my shorts so it wasn't too obvious! PHEW! 

I wore my DIY cut off Goonies shirt that I got from Target for $8 and my DIY ombré cut off shorts I made from a super old pair of F21 jeans. Completed with my current obsession.. My buckle velvet elf booties! These came into work the other day and I bought them instantly! The only thing about them is from my view.. They look like elf shoes, BUT from all other views.. They're fine. Lastly, I wore my Ross bag (that I wear everyday) Nd my spiked head piece that I use as a necklace that I got at the Rose Bowl Flea Market a while back. 


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