Soft Kitty... Warm Kitty.. Little Ball of Furrrr~

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 As you all may know... I LOVE CATS! With all honestly, I love all clothing with awesome animal graphics (not prints), but since I purchased this top at around the time I got Mew Mew, it's a bit more special to me :) It's like bringing Mew Mew with me everywhere! <-- #catladyinthemaking 

I wore a cat crop top from Pink Basis and a gorgeous blue circle skirt from F21 that I got for $6. To make the look a bit more casual and less trendy... I finished it off with my Ross booties ($20) and my DIY spiked necklace.

Didn't you hear having your gut overflow over your skirt was the new sexy thing? :}
 {Top} Pink Basis | {Skirt} F21 | {Booties} Ross | {Necklace} DIY

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