Sporty Spice

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 Who doesn't love the Spice Girls? I always felt that Sporty Spice was one of the least liked members... or maybe amongst the group of people I knew. But you know what? I loved her! I liked her and Baby Spice (but who didn't like her...). 

Anyhow, went for a sporty chic look that day, which was/is a hot trend this year. Like I stated in my earlier post.. currently obsessed with hats, and this one is not to be excluded. My sister helped me find this one at H&M last month, and it was love at first sight! I could already hear my sister say "you're welcome." ><"

Can't put on a baseball cap without my gifted baseball tee! If playing baseball meant I could wear a leather skirt and caged heels.. then I'm in! I'm sure I would most definitely regret that statement if it were to truly happen...

{Hat} H&M | {Top} Gift | {Skirt} Cotton On | {Heels} Nine West - Ross {Bracelet} Cotton On

Friends let friends photobomb their pictures. :P

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