I Welcome Thee Fall

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Welcome fall :) It's officially fall, and California is finally feeling some cooler weather! It's still quite toasty out here, but at least we get some chilly winds here and there! That's as close as California is going to get to a "fall" at this moment. 

I personally love fall, in terms of fashion! Don't get me wrong... the snuggling and hot cocoa is a big plus, but seeing all the fall fashion just gets to me! :P

Wearing my beloved "Bill Cosby" cozy sweater I found at Goodwill for $5.99. I definitely recommend if you love chunky sweaters, to check out your local thrift store first to get them! I like to shop for my sweaters earlier in summer when everything is cheap! Goodwill is always my first pick when I'm looking for some sweaters. Try it out and I would love to see what thrifted sweaters you find! :)


The downside of shooting in random alleyways in DTLA...? Getting random whiffs of pee... :X
{Sweater} Thrifted | {Skirt} Pink Basis | {Heels} Pink Basis | {Necklace} London

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