Neon In The Fall

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Early mornun' bloggin' - with an extra touch of country twang. Originally wanted to post last night, but wasn't having the greatest of days. Many things/people attributed to this downer of a day, BUT. It's a new day with a new perspective! It's a Friday, and I am glad I will start the beginning of my weekend fresh! I won't let these things bring me down today - a toughy, but i'll try my best.

Chant of the week: "I'LL GET THERE" Couldn't help but keep chanting this to myself all day yesterday as a pick me up. I honestly do believe I'll get there. It'll be a ride for sure, but eventually it will happen :)

Who says you have to stick with the earthy tones for fall? I'm wearing my neon sweater with awesome zipper detailing from with my Pink Basis scuba knit pants. Finished off with my beloved heels, my DIY accessories, and GarWei's sunnies. 

Happy Friday Lovelies!

{Top} Choies | {Bottoms} Pink Basis | {Shoes} Zara | {Accessories} DIY | {Sunglasses} Borrowed

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