This Is The End

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Overcast makes for a good shoot :) Shot by the metro today, which is literally right in front of my office building! It's funny how I am comfortable using public transportation in foreign countries, but am incredibly intimidated with Los Angeles' public transportation! Definitely on my to-do list. 

This past week was the coldest it has been in a while, and according to the weather report, it'll be quite warm this week (which I am not completely against..). Sporting my chunky knit striped top - that makes me feel fluffy.. with my H&M jeggings and headband. Completed with my combat boots that can lace all the way up or fold down.  Lastly, threw on my everyday accessories, which includes my DIY spiked bracelet, sun and moon bracelet, and black gem ring. If you are interested in any of these items, comment and/or email me for more information :)
 {Headband} H&M | {Top} China | {Jeggings} H&M | {Boots} Pink Basis | {Accessories} DIY

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