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My beloved thrifted find from the summer. This Ralph Lauren coat fits ridiculously well on me. I do not remember exactly how much I paid for it, but it ranged from $8-$15 at Goodwill. Like I keep preaching, I am a big believer in thrifting and finding those pieces that would otherwise cost you hundreds. I'm not against spending those few extra dollars for a brand spankin' new item, but there's just some kind of gratification when you find a treasure piece, like this coat :) Granted, the lining in this coat is ripped up, but it's nothing a few stitches won't fix, and the cost of fixing would still be 100x less than it's original cost!

Wearing this uber comfortable striped top with zipper details from Pink Basis, my pleather shorts I got from F21 from Korea, and my booties from Pink Basis as well. And as you know, my Ralph Lauren thrifted coat :)
{Top} Pink Basis | {Coat} Thrifted | {Shorts} Forever21 | {Booties} Pink Basis

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