Casualy Baggy

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Rockin' some slightly baggy pants on today's blog. These pants have appeared out of nowhere! I purchased these Zara pants in Korea 1+ years ago, and have not worn or seen them since I've been back in the states. A few days ago, my mother comes by and says that she thinks she has a pair of my pants.. and low and behold, the Zara pants. I guess I have more jeans than I thought! I'm a true blooded American after all :)

Kept the outfit quite casual with my Pink Basis knit sweater and jeans. Let the gold hardware on my shoes be the main focus, while throwing on subtle and dainty accessories up top to complement them.  Obsessed with this eye/hand dainty necklace (that is actually quite hard to see in picture)! It's a nice touch to the entire outfit. 

Remember to keep checking my "shop" section! More items have been posted and will continue to be at least every other day. Happy shopping!

{Top} Pink Basis | {Jeans} Zara | {Shoes} Pink Basis | {Bracelets} DIY | {Necklace} LA Fashion District

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