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L.A. is an interesting city when it comes to climate. It's chilly, then its suddenly hot! Earlier this week, it hit the 90s mark, which would explain my maxi outfit choice. I honestly do not mind the crazy weather change, because for one, I hate the cold, and two, I love the fact I don't have to leave my summer clothes to get dusty in storage! Most people are hating on the weather, since they are expecting fall, but I see it as we are getting the best of both worlds! :)

Rocking my $10 maxi that I bought in the Fashion District, but originally from Forever 21, my "Jesus sandals" and the same 'ol hat!

{Dress} Fashion District | {Sandals} Reflection | {Hat} Foreign Exchange | {Necklace} Fashion District

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  1. I love LA weather too! I came from a tropical country and the weather in LA helps me adjust. Way to go! That dress is awesome on you!