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November is quite a bittersweet month thus far. It started off with great productivity and motivation, but also came the realization. Everything in the past is starting to accumulate this month and I am not ready for it. I'm scared, but know that it has to be done and I can survive it. It will be a rocky next few months, but I won't let it kill my determination! We're only a few days into November... Let's see where it takes me down the line. 

Wearing a short brimmed hat my sister gave me, an on sale Forever 21 top, a $7 Sweater, and pleather shorts I have owned for quite sometime. Finished off with my everyday DIY spiked necklace, and new cut-out booties I purchased from Ross (my favorite discounted store) the night before. :)

{Hat} Foreign Exchange | {Top} Forever 21| {Sweater} Mall Boutique | {Shorts} Forever 21 | 
{Shoes} Ross | {Necklace} DIY

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