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It's funny looking through my blog right now. You'll see an outfit post that is typical for fall, then a bunch of ones you swear is meant for the summer! That truly shows you exactly how this erratic LA weather is right now.  However, temperatures have been staying consistently cold this week and rain is among us. ::sigh:: I hope you can tell by that obvious 'sigh' of expression that I dislike the rain... I'm the type of person that feels down when its gloomy or rainy out. My mood is heavily dependent on the weather, which is why I love LA and its' almost constant warmness! I'm almost positive that's a disorder or illness... 

Besides my realization that I may have some sort of weather/mood disorder... I was quite comfortable and warm this day. I dressed up an otherwise casual tee and jean combo with a chic, form-fitting coat I thrifted and obsessed over in a previous post. And to add the final touch of warmness, threw on my new pompom beanie I purchased at the Nordstrom Rack (which is becoming one of my top discounted stores - especially with an extra 20% off!).

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