Prabal Gurung

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Early mornun' blogging! Seems like the only time I get a chance to post anything these days. I apologize that these posts seem to be getting shorter and shorter, without much content... Becoming increasingly busy, with things on my mind and in the works, that I cannot put more time and effort into my posts! Eventually, I will. This weekend will be a treasure hunting extravaganza! This morning, I will be heading down to the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles to find some goodies! And tomorrow will be the Rose Bowl Flea Market! Time to rummage as a lone wolf and get digging for some jewels! I find that I do my best treasure hunting as a lone wolf, so lets hope I don't strike out! Wish me luck and I'll share my treasures with ya'll later! Happy Saturday~ :)

Wearing my beloved printed Prabal Gurung for Target blouse, my usual F21 pleather shorts, my usual peep toe booties from Pink Basis, and bringing out my F21 outerwear that I have had for 5+ years. Always have to have those key basic pieces you can always work into any outfit! No point in tossing something if it is a timeless piece, and is re-usable in multiple outfits. Bye-Bye~


{Top} Prabal Gurung for Target | {Shorts} F21 | {Outerwear} F21 | {Shoes} Pink Basis | {Necklace} DIY

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