Sweater Vest + Wrinkled Shirt

7:14 PM thecomelycloset 0 Comments

Who doesn't love repping a grandpa sweater vest? I certainly love them. I have had an obsession with sweater vests for quite sometime now, but have been neglecting them! I found this one jammed in the back of my drawers and decided to bust them out again! This particular one was thrifted from a local Goodwill for only a few bucks! It's a little boxy with some obvious wear, but still an amazing find! I was a little bummed to find that my shirt ended up getting wrinkled from sitting all day at my desk job... So please excuse the wrinkled shirt! ><"

Wearing a Forever 21 top that I have had for many many years, along with my jeggings and boots from Korea! Chilly weather is here!


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