Venice Canals In Camo

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I am absolutely, head-over-heels in love with this corgi! Spent the day catching up with an old friend I havn't seen in years and his dog! She's the sweetest girl, and completely made my day! She is dominating this outfit post, but I'm sure none of you guys mind... It did feel a bit strange goo-goo-ga-gaing over another animal other than my own... but this is just convincing me more that I need to get a friend for Mew, and it should be a dog! I have formed this idea in my head that a dog and a cat sister/brother duo would be the best companionship ever, and that I shall have. Still waiting on the day I will have more space to accommodate a dog and have time for him/her as well.

On to the outfit! When wearing a masculine, over-sized jacket, I find that wearing girly clothes beneath it counterbalances into perfection. Don't get me wrong, wearing a tough jacket and wearing tough clothes beneath it would be completely badassery, but just felt like maintaining some girliness in this outfit. With this amazing, warm camo jacket from Choies, I paired it with a textured velvet top and flared pleated skirt. To add a bit more edge, I threw on my lace stockings and cut-out booties from Ross.

{Jacket} Choies | {Top} Thrifted | {Skirt} Pink Basis | {Stockings} Leg Avenue | {Boots} Ross | {Necklace} Shop Section

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