Venice Canals - Vintage Pineapple

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Spent my Saturday at the Venice Canals with some old pals of mine. It was a incredibly simple, but fun day. We had lunch, walked the canals (which are overrated, in my opinion), shopped a bit, then dinner! Of course, I had to have my ramen fix at my favorite hole-in-the-wall ramen place, Foo Foo Tei! Fun days tend to ware me out completely! I knocked out for 11 hours as soon as I got home! Then on top of that, I woke up for 3 hours the day after, then passed out for another 2! It was an insanely sleep-filled day, but quite productive as well! 

On to the outfit! Amazing photo is credited to my friend! Absolutely obsessed with this Choies "Vintage Pineapple" sweater. It is slightly cropped with quilted panels on the shoulder, and printed all around. I have been having a fascination with pineapples recently. There is no exact explanation why or how this fascination occurred.. Re-living my childhood love for Spongebob Squarepants? Who knows, but I am also in the process of making a pineapple charm necklace... It really is getting out of hand! I paired the sweater with a sleek asymmetrical leather skirt, also from Choies, to counterbalance the quirky. So we're getting both quirky and chic. Topped it off with my Michael Antonio single-sole heel I purchased from, and a few silver jewelry that you can purchase in the "shop" section of my blog. :)

Happy Monday! <3

{Sweater} Choies | {Skirt} Choies | {Heels} Michael Antonio | {Necklace} Shop

My lovely friends :)

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