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Brother: "You look like a witch."
Me: "Thank you."

I love witches! Well, good witches... Not into the whole a "witch-like" personality thing though. One of my favorite shows as a kid was Charmed, and who can forget my love for Elphaba from Wicked The Musical! I was even obsessed with pretending I knew spells as a kid... Even thought I made it rain one day... Yep, a bit cray, but the moral of the story is, If you want to insult me by calling me a witch, It ain't gonnnn wurrrrk! :)

Sporting a sweater and maxi dress combo. Went to eat all you can eat sushi this day, and this could not have been a more perfect outfit to wear for that occasion. The maxi is nice and stretchy, while the sweater is thick and loose fitting to hide any food babies! You guys all know what I mean by food baby! :P Topped the outfit with my hat, Ross shoes, and black triangle necklace.

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