Black On Black

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A not so wintery day in the land of Los Angeles. I know I say this from time to time, but the weather here in LA is ridiculously sporadic. We had one week of ice cold chilliness with rain, then another week of sun and warmth. This day was an inbetweener. I was nice and toasty in my get-up, but once the night time came rolling around... that one bare leg you see there... well, it was frozen. 

I am absolutely obsessed with this skirt. This skirt has been floating around the internet world for quite sometime now, but I never wanted to purchase it through those sites because of the price. I knew if I waited patiently I would eventually find it at a much much cheaper cost! And look what we have here... :) I was walking through the streets of downtown one day to meet up with friends for dinner, and as I speedily walked past a little boutique, I halted immediately when I saw the skirt on a mannequin. I automatically knew it was going to be at a great cost, so I just grabbed it and paid for it. It was honestly the fastest I have ever shopped. I did not hesitate to buy at all. I know ya'll are dying for the price of the skirt, so dun dun dunnnnn~ it was $10! It was only a third of the cost from what you see online! SCORE!

For the rest of the outfit, I wore my leather sleeve jacket I purchased on, my crop knit top from Nordstrom Rack, booties from Ross, head warmer from H&M, and jewelry made and designed by muah. You ought to know that all the pieces in this outfit were all discounted and affordable, like usual.

Happy Weekend Lovelies~

{Jacket} | {Top} Nordstrom Rack | {Skirt} DTLA | {Head Warmer} H&M | 
{Booties} Report from Ross | {Necklace/Bracelet} Handmade - thecomelycloset shop

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