Christmas Gnome

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Christmas was quite an eventful and exciting day! First off, woke up early to clean my room (which made me feel extra productive and amazing). Then got ready in my festive outfit and makeup. Then drove around town just to figure out what restaurants were opened to grab lunch and purchase something for our family potluck. I ended up getting banh mis! Went to pick up my friend from the little country town I use to teach English at in Korea. This is her first time here in Los Angeles, so the next few days is about to get crazy! Hopefully, I'll still be updating ya'll on our adventures :) And lastly, went to my sisters house to eat and open prezzies! The kids were absolutely adorable opening up their gifts. It's a sight that I will never forget and always look forward to every year. The highlight of the night was Jamie's and I's gift that Inhye helped us get straight from Korea. My niece absolutely loved her gift to the point she started crying! Her crying started off an emotional journey with my other sisters, who in turn cried. ::thumbsup::

On to the outfit. In the midst of cleaning my room Christmas morning, I also purged my closet. I stumbled upon this festive sweater that I completely forgot existed! I bought this sweater in China, a few years back when I was teaching there. I could not have rediscovered this sweater on a better day. Threw on my Pink Basis skirt to keep it girly, and of course my go to black booties. Topped it off with what I thought was a Santa hat from the $1 section at Target, but ended up looking more like a gnome.. It's okay though cause I got a lot of cute pictures from that gnome hat on my dad and kiddies! 

Have a great rest of the year lovelies <3
{Top} China | {Skirt} Pink Basis | {Shoes} Ross} | {Necklace} thecomelycloset shop | {Hat} Target

 My first picture with the Santa hat...

 And when I realized I looked like a gnome ><"

My "You're driving me crazy" picture. 

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