DIY - Chalkboard Mason Jar (Gift Idea)

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The perfect Christmas (or any other occasion) gift! It is quick, easy, AND re-usable by the recipient. It is completely customizable to your liking, from the shape of the chalkboard, what goes in it, and the size of the mason jar. This is a self-explanatory DIY project, but I'll walk ya'll through it quickly anyways, just for the heck of it. My version includes paper stuffing for depth and chocolate! Cause who doesn't love chocolate? Let's get started :)


What you need:
 Mason jar, scissors, chalk, tape, ribbon, paper stuffing, chocolate, and a roll of chalkboard paper

To make life easy, all of these supplies can be purchased at a Michael's Craft Store or a Walmart - a one pit stop for anybody who wants to make this quick gift idea.

Step 1: Make sure to use the back side of the mason jar for a flat surface and to wipe it clean, for better adhesion.
Step 2: Grab your roll of chalkboard paper (I didn't know this existed until I overheard someone ask about it in Michaels). Here is where you can be creative (or not...). Cut out any shape you like, peel off the back of the chalkboard paper, and paste.
Optional: I actually used glue on top of the sticky side of the chalkboard paper to make it last longer. Make sure to smear the glue on smoothly, or else it'll dry and it'll be visible (like on some of my jars pictured - had to learn the hard way).
Step 3: All the not-so hard stuff is done. Now all you have to do is fill in your jar with what you want and decorate with ribbon if need be!
Step 4: It's best to provide the recipient with chalk, so don't forget to tape a piece to the side! 

Tip: Stores like to put their sticky tags on the lid of mason jars. If you have ever tried removing those things... it's a pain! Use "Goo Gone" to remove and it's pretty instant :)

All done!
Mew... The Chocolate Thief caught red-handed

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