Meeting ItsJudyTime and ThatsHeart

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 The day has finally arrived! The day I would meet my favorite youtuber. I'm an avid youtube viewer and watch many many videos/youtubers. I myself enjoy making a video from time to time. ItsJudyTime was the one who inspired me to start vlogging my day-to-day life and adventures. Because of that, I have her to thank for all the memories I have documented on my youtube. It's something I always go back to watch and reminisce about and have a hoot watching! Please scroll pass the outfit post to see snippets of my day at her palette launch party :)

Outfit consists of many layers to stay warm in the rainy weather ItsJudyTime brought with her from Seattle. It's a comfy number to assure I wouldn't be uncomfortable waiting in line. Consists of my Pink Basis sweater and pastel colorblock top, paired with some on sale H&M jeans. And of course my cut-out black booties from Ross that you have been seeing in all my posts... Necklace for sale in the shop section! Happy Saturday lovelies!

{Coat} F21 | {Sweater} Pink Basis | {Top} Pink Basis | {Jeans} H&M | {Booties} Ross | 
{Necklace} thecomelycloset Shop

 My photographer for the day - Sarjabeans :)

Sarah's cute outfit while waiting in line
Buying ItsJudyTime palette!
 Meeting Benji!
Derp facing with ThatsHeart
 Meeting Judy!!!
 Afterwards at Target... haha

 The Palette!
It's Mew approved! :)

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