Top 10 Moments of 2013

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Good morning Lovelies~

I wanted to wrap up this year with a post about my top 10 moments of 2013. These are things that have either happened to me, or I have come to a realization about. I just randomly started to brainstorm, so hopefully I don't miss anything! Also, these are not placed in any particular order. Lets get starteddddddd.

1. My adorable nephew, Henry, was born!

2. The love and joy of my life - Mew joined my 1 man family.

3. I got myself a car - making me an official grown up.

4. Got a new job that I enjoy very much.

5. My motivation and goals in life have increased drastically. I've always accepted my mediocre life, but now have the want and need to reach my highest potential. 

6. Started new projects in my life that I personally love and am working hard on them so they can eventually become something I can look back on and be proud of.
7. I have finally started openly blogging, as well as posting consistently. I blogged secretly for many years because I was worried about peoples' opinion of me, but have gained the confidence to enjoy what I like to do publicly.
8. I have ended toxic things in my life that I know will open new doors for me (and some have already).
9. I have learned to accept things the way they are, and not put too much pressure on them. Okay, maybe not completely, but I do believe I took a big step forward by acknowledging it... Go with the flow!
10. Getting support from my friends, while I embark on this new and slightly terrifying journey of mine. :)

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