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Happy Saturday! Here is the first post of my newly thrifted items. Wearing my goodwill granny sweater and my beanie from Ross. Was in the mood to be slightly dressy but comfortable at the same time. Went for my usual stretchy pants and a baggy sweater, topped with a casual beanie and heels. This outfit probably is the epitome of my personal style - dressy, yet casual. I like it when my outfits are borderline daytime casual and a nighttime outing. I just have to take my beanie off and I'm good for a quick cocktail hour. 

I'm going to start a new segment for my head-to-toe outfits that cost less than $50 (which tends to happen quite a lot). It is a huge feat to be able to rock an outfit you love at such an affordable price! Hopefully, y'all appreciate it as much as I do :)
Beanie $6
Sweater $6
Pants $10
Heels $14
Necklace $10
Total $46

 {Beanie} Ross | {Sweater} Goodwill | {Bottoms} Pink Basis | {Heels} Pink Basis | 
{Jewelry} thecomelycloset shop

Outtakes :P

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