Romeo & Juliet

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This is my first post of the new year! It's an amazing feeling when you can look back on your life from 2013 through all the posts you have put up, and see how much you have grown. I saw how much more driven I've become, the emotional roller coaster I went through, and I even saw a bit of my fashion sense evolve. I honestly recommend blogging/vlogging/writing in a diary to anyone and everyone. Life goes by way too quickly for us to notice how we have evolved. We fight on an everyday basis to become a certain person that we always imagined ourselves to be, but without noticing all the little moments that helps us get there. Blogging allows you to see these little advances and some. Do not take for granted all the work and improvements you have done throughout the year just because you are not at that exact place just yet. 

Wearing a Romeo & Juliet Couture dress that I purchased at our HauteLook sample sale. Got this pretty little lace number for only $10, and on top of that, all proceeds went to charity. I would drop major dough for some cute clothes if it all went to charity! Something that has been added to my bucket list recently is somehow getting myself involved in or organizing a charity event. I have done volunteer work all my life, but it has slow down since entering the adult life... It is definitely time to get my hands and feet wet again! It would be an amazing feat to use what I know and love towards something that can help others.

Wow. I think I'm an extra tad bit sappy today. Well, the post has come to an end, and I would like to wish all of you the best of luck in the year 2014 and all years after that. Thank you for stopping by and sharing this great year with me. :)

{Dress} Romeo &  Juliet Couture | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset Shop | {Shoes} Pink Basis

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