The Wooly Mammoth

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Don't ask me why I named this outfit "The Wooly Mammoth". I have no darn clue. Anyhow, this brown, plaid skirt reminisces a 70 something lady who works as a secretary in the Presidential office for the Kennedy's. Well that was a mouthful! It was thrifted at my local Goodwill (surprise, surprise). It was pretty much love at first sight, but I have only worn it a handful of times since it can age an outfit. I purposely paired it with a distressed, loose-knit sweater to modernize the entire look. Accessorized with my handmade spiked necklace, and caged booties for a touch of edge.

Here is yet another outfit that falls under my "Less Than $50" category. If this is your first time on thecomelycloset, I have started a segment on my blog for head-to-toe outfits that cost less than $50 (I should probably try and figure out a cooler name... any suggestions?). I am extremely big on saving dough when it comes to shopping for your closet, so most of my items are either thrifted, on sale, or handmade. Unfortunately, since my items are thrifted or on sale, it is really difficult to locate a link for my followers to purchase them, making my outfits pretty difficult to replicate. That is something I do apologize for, but hope you guys are understanding and still feel inspired. :)

Sweater $10
Skirt $6
Shoes $22
Handmade Necklace $Priceless
Total: $38


{Sweater} The Closet | {Skirt} Goodwill | {Shoes} Ross | {Necklace} DIY | {Rings} thecomelycloset Shop

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