Thrifting Haul - Goodwill, Rose Bowl Flea Market, Ross

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Spent this past weekend thrifting! It always helps to have an idea of what you want to find, or else you will be hunting forever! My goal for the weekend were to find props for my jewelry to help with photos and sales. Did not find exactly what I was looking for, which was obligatory objects, but did end up with some pretty nice jewelry cases.

My favorite places to shop are the 3 places I hit this weekend - Goodwill, Ross, and the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I guess you can't really consider Ross as a thrift store, but it still brings you great discounted items! I'm going to quickly go through what I got and for how much. I hope this inspires ya'll to thrift. Check back in the coming weeks for outfit posts with my thrifted goods. :)

 Pink leather jacket from Foreign Exchange $9.99

 Tweed knee length skirt $5.99

 Knit 90's looking sweater $5.99

Neutral clutch - item did not have a tag, so they gave it to me for $7.99

Red beanie - also did not have a tag, got it for $5.99

Rose Bowl Flea Market
Flower/Leaf circular mirror $10

Lipstick/Jewelry/Perfume holder $12
Tiny bottles (to make necklaces with) 3 for $1

 Chandelier pieces for $1 each

Clear jewelry box $5

Total: $68 :)

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