When Pixar Comes To Life...

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When Pixar comes to life... well, sorta. This past weekend was a Pixar themed get together. It was my lovely friend's birthday, and as a request, she required her friends to dress up as a Pixar character of their choice. It is a brilliant idea because 1. we LOVE Pixar and 2. we LOVE to dress up! Can you guess who we were dressed as? Answers below :)

This tweed blazer I am wearing is probably one of the most expensive purchases I have ever made. How can you argue when it is love at first sight? I also, did not let it go to waste because I wear it religiously and get compliments on it. I believe it was around $80 at Urban Outfitters. Also, I have yet to find another tweed blazer that fits this well. This entire outfit is a tweed explosion, and I love it! It's not exactly like the character I chose, but an updated, woman version. Rocking some borrowed frames, my brother's velvet bowtie, my polka-dot sheer blouse from Korea, thrifted skirt, and my oxfords. 

Just FYI, I am not Detective Conan, which btw, I love, but he is not a Pixar character unfortunately.

{Blazer} Urban Outfitters | {Top} Korea | {Skirt} Goodwill | {Bowtie} Macys | {Shoes} Steve Madden

Friends :)

Roz - Monsters Inc.

Deb - Finding Nemo
Edna - The Incredibles
Carl Fredrickson - Up

Identities Revealed.

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