A Bag Full of Tricks

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I was never really a "bag" person. I find that there are girls who have dozens of handbags, some with a ton of shoes, and some with both! I am definitely more of a shoe lady. Typically, for purses, I would buy one that I really like, use it until it breaks on me, and then forced to purchase another one just to replace it. BUT, last week... I went a little cray purchasing 4 new bags in one go. The reason? The ridiculous price! I am a sucker for a good deal, even if it is not needed, I feel the dying need to take advantage of the sale. Now, are you wondering how much I got this beauty for? It's a nice work bag with a pocket in the front, another inside, and 2 pockets to hold things. It can hold your laptop, work-out clothes, and randomosity - you name it! Mine is a little pathetic since I pretty much only have my wallet and a few lipsticks in there, but don't blame me... I came from wearing a tiny purse the past 2 years, so nothing much to transfer over.

Did you see how I made you believe I was going to reveal the cost, but didn't? Maybe not, but I did it on purpose to build some non-existent suspense. So the retail price was either $39.95 or $49.95 (tag was missing) and I got it for $7.50! Let me know if that shocked you, cause heck, it shocked me when I went home and checked the receipt!

The bag was the perfect touch to my outfit. Wore my thrifted Ralph Lauren coat from Goodwill, a Foreign Exchange baggy tee, scuba knit pants from Pink Basis, random scarf I have had for years, and my Michael Antonio single strap heels that I got off of HauteLook. 

Have a great day lovelies! :)

{Coat} Goodwill | {Top} Foreign Exchange | {Pants} Pink Basis | {Shoes} HauteLook | {Bag} H&M

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