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Same coat. Same bag. Different outfit. Yeah, you guys have seen me wear this coat countless of times, but who can blame me? It is definitely a prized possession of mine, especially since it was a Goodwill treasure find. It is perfection. Most people my age do not share the same love I have for tweed. They associate tweed with their grandpas or grandmas, and that is exactly why I love the fabric. Tweed has a sense of maturity, and along with that, comes with a clean, crisp feeling. It is the perfect final touch for a clean-cut look, even if you did just roll out of bed and jumped into some jeans and a tee - take it from me, I know.

Coat - $15
Top - Gifted
Skirt - $8
Booties - $14
Handbag - $7.50
Necklace - DIY
Total - $44.50

{Coat} Goodwill | {Top} Gifted | {Skirt} Pacsun | {Shoes} Pink Basis | 
{Handbag} H&M | {Necklace}

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