DIY Sunday - Light Box

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Please note this is not a how-to post.

Guess what I did last night y'all? I made a light box/tent! I have been planning to make one for quite sometime now, and finally got all the pieces to do so. It was fairly simple, but I know I can make one 100X better if I decide to remake one. For now, this should do.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been making jewelry like a mad-woman recently. Of course, ideally, I would like to list these items for the general public to purchase, rather than let it sit in my room and for me to stare at. I did have an Etsy for quite sometime in the past, but for some reason decided to not keep up with it. Now that I have a few new items I would like to share with the world, the next step is to preferably offer some great images of them to entice you folk. This is where this light box comes in! Hopefully, I can get some great images out of this light box, or even just presentable ones (because I am by no means a great photographer!). The light box would not be needed if I did not have a day job that required me to stay cooped up in an office until the sun has already set. This way, I cannot use "I don't have any good lighting" as an excuse to not post items - an excuse I have used most of last year.

Wish me luck guys, and definitely give me some feedback once images from the light box start to surface :)

If you guys want to make one, just google "how to make a light box" and tons of written and video tutorials will pop up! It cost me less than $30 to build, but that is because I did not have any available lamps at home. If you already have lamps, then it will probably cost you less than $5! Let me know how it goes for you if you decide to build one! 

Happy Monday!

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