Holes In My Sweater

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'Twas a nice summer day... NOT. Don't be fooled by the outfit and glowing sun behind me. I was fooled myself, hence the dress. Earlier this week, the LA weather was great! It was nice and toasty, while the rest of the world was freezing over - sorry, but not sorry. However, on this particular day, the ice cold chills decided to come and visit Los Angeles. The sun, as it always is, was nice and warm, but that wind was a tad bit much. It was difficult to take some pictures, as I kept hugging myself and praying to the weather gods for the chilly wind to leave our presence. You can see proof of this at the end of this post. The weather report says we will be expecting some rain this weekend as well, which I despise as a born and raised LA girl, but bring it on!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Sweater - $12
Dress - $12
Shoes - $7
Necklace - DIY
 Total $31

{Sweater} Pink Basis | {Dress} Ross | {Shoes} Forever21 | {Necklace} thecomelycloset

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