Neon Lights Tour

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It has been one huge whirlwind of  a week, which of course means NO SLEEP. Although it has been quite exhausting, I would not have changed it for the world. It started off with one successful swap meet sale, which involves waking up in the wee hours to set up and lots of physical work. After having such a successful sale, it inspired me to make more jewelry, which I have been doing non-stop this entire week. I have designed a few new pieces and attempting to mass produce, with a few more designs in the works. Recently, my handmade goods have been pushed off to the side, but I am glad this little burst of inspiration  has kept me going. All I do is think jewelry all day long. Hopefully, this results in bringing my etsy back, so I can give you guys a place to actually purchase my items. 

ANYHOW, Lets get on to the Neon Lights Tour! On top of my exhaustion, the Demi Lovato concert was this week, and I have been waiting for this day for months. I have been listening to her albums repeatedly to prepare myself, and boy was I pumped! It was an amazing experience, and it has amplified my love for her even more. I have no shame in loving this "Disney star", cause heck, DISNEY IS AWESOME. She busted out so many songs, with little to no break. She gave her all into each song, and also added a lot of 'tude and sexy dancing. Highlights of the night included Nick Jonas joining her on stage for 2 songs, changing the lyrics to one of her songs to "Bitch", singing Don't Forget to a heartwarming montage of her early career (aka Camp Rock), and singing Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack!

Shall I also mention, that a friend and I stayed up the night before to make some killer glow-in-the-dark shirts? It was called the Neon Lights Tour after all, so we made sure to wear some head-turning neon (which I was surprised to see not many fans do - disappointed). I personalized each shirt with a different cut, and we taped glow-in-the-dark tape on each shirt to spell out Demi's name. It was perfect that we had exactly 4 people! AND, shall I also mention that she pointed us out in the concert saying that she appreciates her fans and that she could see her name up in the stands (that was us she was talking about)!!

Enjoy the images of us playing scrabble with our shirts and our awesome pink hair. Images courtesy of j5tang :)

Pink Hurr Dunn Curr

Nick Jonas and Demi dueting <3

Her nightingales - It was so beautiful in person. 



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