The Cardi

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Obsession. That one word describes my love for this long cardigan. It is printed, toasty, comfy, has pockets, at a flattering length, and it was on sale. Everything you can imagine. Curious as to how much it cost? Well... ::drumroll:: it was $19 from an original price of $49. Love. Love. Love. Cannot rave more on how much I love it. On top of that, got compliments on it all day long about it, as well as, get a co-worker to purchase one for herself!

Decided to keep the entire ensemble easy and casual. Paired the spectacular cardigan with a super loose top, jean shorts, a hat, and booties. Nothing high maintenance about this outfit. Just had the realization that 3 of the items I am wearing are from Foreign Exchange. I guess I am becoming a fan. Check out the end of this post to see where each of these items are from, and a direct link to the cardigan. It feels pretty good that I can finally share a link with you guys since the item was not thrifted or something I have had for ages! :)

 {Cardigan} Foreign Exchange | {Top} Foreign Exchange | {Hat} Foreign Exchange - Gifted | 
{Shorts} H&M | {Booties} Ross

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