All Zara'd Out

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Having a bad case of the Sunday Blues. I've been quite unproductive this past week, which may be attributing to this horribly unmotivated day. There were no blog posts, etsy/site updates, or any new jewelry designs and production. There has been alot of other things on my mind that I can't seem to shake off. Trying my best to ignore them, so it eventually vanishes from my brain, but is that really the way to erase things from your memory? There are also a bunch of things I want and need to do, but can't seem to find the time of day to do them, which makes me lose hope of ever accomplishing them. The rain and gloom is not helping what-so-ever. Anyhow, I do have a few more hours left in the day, so let's see if I can turn this week around, and start this one off great. 

Wearing head-to-toe Zara in this outfit. Zara is one of my all-time favorite stores. The great thing about high fashion is that it eventually trickles down into more affordable options in popular stores months later. I personally believe that Zara is at the top of the fashion food chain for affordable high fashion. Don't get me wrong, I do love Zara, but personally still cannot afford all the great pieces they have that are inspired from the runway. One day. All pieces in my outfit were on sale, and have waited for months until they did go on sale, particularly those shoes.

Here's to a great week for everybody, and please send all you're good energy towards me, so I can have one as well :) Btw, my hair is a bit of a mess, and is in desperate need of another cut!

{Top, Jeans, Heels} Zara | {Cardigan} Local Boutique | {Necklace, Bracelet} thecomelycloset

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