Shoe Wishlist - Zara

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There are many shoes I lust for on a day-to-day basis. These are some on my mind currently, and I want them. Bad. Can someone please purchase them, so I can live vicariously through you?

Unfortunately, I am not willing to pay for the original prices they are at now. Still waiting for the day they go on sale, but who knows if that would ever happen, or if they would even have anymore in stock. It is a risk, but I have succeeded many times through this method, although it does sting a little to see everybody rock the shoes you want 'o so bad.


I have been eyeing these pretty little things for 1-2 months now, after I saw them on instagram (such a bad influence might I add). It is a clean-cut shoe with a comfortable thick heel, and an ankle metal plate - just enough edge for my taste! I can already see all the outfits I could wear with these heels. It would be the perfect accessory. Agh!


Another great shoe that was first lusted over on Instagram (definitely a sign to stop using Instagram so often). I need more white shoes in my life and these are calling my name. It would be the perfect spring shoe, now if only they would go on sale before spring is fully here!


This shoe silhouette has been gaining a lot of popularity as of late, and I cannot blame anyone! They are super sleek, and the great thing is, I could probably find some cheaper knock offs. If I lose patience for Zara to drop prices, then I may have to result in that.

This is a public shoe announcement to Zara - Drop them prices!!! Please and thank you :)

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