Top 5 Oscar 2014 Best Dressed

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Without a doubt, Lupita Nyong'o stole the night in that breath-taking Prada dress. That soft baby blue color could not have been more perfect for her skin tone. No one would be able to wear that dress as gorgeously as she has. Earlier today, I watched her speech at another ceremony, where she spoke about how she use to hate her skin tone and prayed that she would become lighter. I am glad she has grown to accept her beautiful skin tone, and the fact that she is now a role model for all young girls. She is definitely taking the world by storm, and I love it!

Sandra Bullock is wearing a classic dress by Alexander McQueen. She looks absolutely elegant in that deep blue and wavy hair! Honestly, who can hate on America's girl next door actress? I sure can't!


Rachel Smith is wearing a stunning, stunning, stunning dress (designer unknown, someone enlighten me please!). Rachel Smith who you ask? She was 2007's Miss Universe. Cannot tell you exactly what she has been up to since then, but you cannot deny that this dress is stunning (and yes, I know I said stunning 5x now). 

I'm always a softy for big, fluffy dresses! Jenna Dewan's dress by Reem Acra was super cute (I'm resulting in my 16 year old self to describe this once dream dress of mine). I'm loving the fluff, the glitz, the sheer, and body hugging fit of this dress. And, it also helps that she has Channing Tatum as an accessory!

Lastly, is Maria Menuonos conservatively cut dress with just enough embellishments to keep you interested. This dress is not a complete jaw-dropping, show stopper to me, but you cannot deny that it is one darn pretty dress. This is a dress I could definitely see myself in, so if the Australian designer, Johanna Johnson, is reading this... Hook a new admirer up! :)

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