Love At First Sight

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It was love at first sight two weeks ago. I have been patiently waiting and deciding, while you tease me Steve Madden. They have been on my mind ever since you posted that first image of the STS. They are perfectly sexy and classy at the same time with the combination of the lace-up vamp and pointed toe! 

I'm not the type of person to splurge on anything (Sorry if $130 is not considered splurging for you). I always separate myself from the item, and think about it for a while until 1. I forget about it, or 2. Wait for it to go on sale and purchase. I am a very logical shopper, if that makes any sense. I think about the cost and practicality. If there is an item that I like, and know I won't or can't necessarily wear all the time, then the price will indicate whether I will purchase or not. If it is expensive, then I'll pass, but if the price is really low, then I'll purchase. If there is an item that I love that costs $130, like these shoes, if I can conclude that I will wear them religiously, then I would get them. It's sort of a math equation. Unfortunately, these heels are not everyday heels - although, some of you may argue about that. So, that is the reason I have yet to purchase them for pre-order.

The waiting game shall begin. I even saved that above image onto my phone to stare at from time to time... I know some of you ladies would do the same! Or at least I hope. I may be alone in the world on that one. :X 

Just needed to finish my rant on this ridiculously gorgeous and sexy heel! Can someone please purchase, so I can live vicariously through you? Would love to see images on how you style them as well! :)

You can purchase them  here.

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