Poshmark Spring Fling Event - iPhone Photo Diary

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Happy Sunday! Just writing a quick recap of the Poshmark event I attended a few days ago. When I found out Poshmark was having an event in Los Angeles, I could not have been more floored. I am a major Poshmarker (mostly just searching for great deals, rather than selling) and thought this would be a great way to interact with other Poshmarkers. I definitely need to up my Poshmark game by adding more items, and promoting more. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to interact with others, but did get to enjoy watching people meet for the first time in person, after interacting through Poshmark. It's interesting to see how Poshmark not only helps you find great deals, but how they bring people with similar taste together. Everybody was extra chipper and excited to meet one another. 

Highlight of the night - Meeting Ashley from Pursuit of Shoes.

Now for the negative remarks (all constructive of course)... It was a great, joyful event, however, it was slightly unorganized. When it was time to welcome the co-hosts for the event and the "fashion" show/contest, no one could see one bit. A small circle was formed around the co-hosts, and if you were not in the front row then you could not see a thing. I saw people in the back climb over chairs and pianos, just to try to sneak a peek and get involved in the mini fashion show. Another thing, and probably the biggest thing, no one could hear a thing. A mic was being used, but the music at the event was kept on, so you could not hear past it. Most people at the bar had no clue it had even begun because they could not hear. Towards the end, I saw some start to trickle in, once they did see a circle, and assumed something was going on. Lastly, if outfits were presented, lighting would have helped a bunch!

Now, for the blurry iPhone pictures :)

Free alcohol is always great at an event! CGWong loved this drink. Haha

Selfie of the night.

The mini circle of darkness. Could not see/hear one bit and I was only a few feet away.

Gorgeous light fixture.

Cute picture station with props! :)

Dinner at Morton's afterwards, where we met a hilarious waiter named TJ.

{Top} Gifted | {Pants} Thrifted | {Heels} Michael Antonio via HauteLook | {Glasses} RayBans | {Necklace} thecomelycloset

Top - Free
Pants - $1
Heels - $17
Necklace - Handmade
Total $18

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