Sassy City Chicks - iPhone Photo Diary

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Cars and clothes. That's the jist of the entire event. Can't complain if you are shopping for great deals, all while standing next to the Batmobile.

It was my first time at the Sassy City Chicks event. I was invited out by the great people of Susu Handbags. The event consisted of many local boutiques, jewelers, other vendors, the sort! Besides the shopping aspect, they had a drink sampling bar, nail bar, and a giveaway for a Kate Spade purse - unfortunately, I lost! I had a fantastic time meeting the Susu team, talking to local vendors, shopping, and checking out all the cool cars (what more can you expect, when the event was taking place at the Peterson Automobile Museum).

Took a few snapshots with my iPhone. Check them out below. Detailed outfit post coming soon... :)

Getting her hurr did.

Some Vendors.



Sneak peek of my outfit post at the event.

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